At the pre-Grammy party, Cher was seen holding hands with her boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards…

This year at the Grammy Awards, Cher will be walking the red carpet with a new companion.

At a pre-Grammy celebration held at Matsuhisa Beverly Hills on Saturday night, the Grammy winner and Hall of Fame inductee, who is now 76 years old, showed off her casual couple’s style by walking hand in hand with her partner Alexander “AE” Edwards.

Cher went out in a glittering white Chrome Hearts jacket with black trim, which she wore over a sparkly top. The outfit was perfect for the occasion. She completed her ensemble with a pair of charcoal pants that had a black stripe running down the sides, a pair of black boots, and a leather handbag that matched the boots.

Cher Shows Off Her Diamond Ring While Out to Dinner with Boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards AE, 36, wore a brown Victor Victor letterman jacket over a tan shirt with black slacks. She finished off her look with thin sunglasses, a flashy necklace, and a pair of leather loafers hand-painted with a mountain view.

In November, when they were seen holding hands in Los Angeles, rumors began to circulate that Cher was romantically involved with a musician who was also an executive for Universal Music Group.

Later, the Burlesque actress responded to those who had questioned the age difference between her and her partner. Cher said in a tweet that has since been removed but was saved that “LOVE DOESN’T KNOW MATH, IT SEES .”

She began sparking speculations of an engagement in December when she posted a picture of a diamond ring that AE had purchased for her and that she loved to show. Cher reportedly wrote at the moment, “THERE R NO WORDS.”

A source close to Cher said after the passing of her mother Georgia Holt in December at the age of 96 that the singer’s new friendship with AE “has helped soothe the pain of the loss.”

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