Baywatch cast-then and now

Can you believe that some teenagers only remember Baywatch as the movie starring Zac Efron and The Rock? But it all began much earlier, in 1989, with David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. Those were the sexiest actors in the 1990s. That program ran until 2001, which is fairly surprising given that it was largely about attractive women in red swimsuits. Let’s take a peek at the original Baywatch cast and see where they are now.

1. David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff was already a well-known actor before Baywatch, but he’s kept himself busy since then. He’s appeared in Nick Fury: Agents of Shield, Knight Rider, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie, among other things. He has been a judge on America’s Got Talent and a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Most notably, he has published 14 studio albums as well as a heavy metal song in 2020. That man is a legend of many talents.

2. Pamela Anderson

Those who saw Pamela Anderson race across the beach in a red Baywatch bikini will never forget it. Pamela, like Hasselhoff, has been in a lot of movies, had a lot of controversies, and had some bizarre relationships and marriages since her time on the program. She also performed on “Dancing with the Stars” and went even further and starred in “Dancing on Ice” in 2013. Pamela is an animal rights activist who has published three books!

3. Billy Warlock

Billy Warlock starred on Baywatch for three seasons and has since worked on almost every major successful soap opera. He’s most likely appeared on Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, As the World Turns, and One Life to Live. He finally left Hollywood and relocated to Colorado, where he began working at a children’s ski school.

4. Shawn Weatherly

Shawn Weatherly was only on Baywatch for a season, but she quickly moved on to other programs, including Chicago Hope and Murder, She Wrote. She also acted in the horror film Love in the Time of Monsters and the police drama Police Academy 3. She married in 1994, and her last film was released in 1999. (Chicago Hope). She has been enjoying family life with her spouse and two children since then.

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