Because his prom date couldn’t afford her dream dress, a high school student decided to learn how to sew so that he could make her a gown from scratch, and then his life also was altered…

Addi Rust was looking forward to attending the Pendleton Heights prom, however, she was unable to purchase the dress of her dreams. Addi is very fortunate in that her wonderful best friend and prom date, Parker Smith, is at her side this year as Peter made the decision to make her a dress.

While the two of them joked about it, Peter accepted the challenge of making his buddy the most beautiful clothing he could possibly imagine. In time for the prom, Parker even taught himself how to sew in order to build the complete costume from scratch.

After designing a picture of the outfit with his grandma’s assistance, Parker learnt how to make it with her guidance.

Because he was so certain that the ensemble should be perfect, he went back and altered a number of its components more than once.

Due to Parker, Addi undoubtedly had the appearance of a princess on the night of her prom. On Twitter, he uploaded many photographs and captioned each one with the following:

The first item I’ve ever sewn was a prom dress, and after a lot of hard work, it’s now done and I’m all set to go to the ball! I not only had the honor of being the Prince Charming of the exquisite @AddiRust, but I also got the opportunity to serve as her fairy godmother, lol!

After the magnificent gown worn by Parker became popular on the internet, fresh opportunities started coming his way. Parker’s goal was to become a costume designer on Broadway, therefore he planned to major in both costume design and musical theater in college.

He had no clue how close he got to achieving his goals as a direct result of Addi’s clothes.

A few months later, he found employment with Footlite Musicals in Indianapolis. It just so happened that one of Parker’s teachers was friendly with the person who directed their production of Cinderella, and that person’s name was Bob Harbin.

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