Because of her chemotherapy treatment, she was unable to attend a Jonas Brothers performance; thus, the band traveled to her…

Hershey, Pennsylvania was the location of the Jonas Brothers performance that Lily Jordan, age 16, was planning to attend. However, she had to take emergency chemotherapy treatment for her disease, thus she was unable to attend the concert.

Lily made a lighthearted joke about inviting the Jonas Brothers to visit her at the Penn State Children’s Hospital while she was there since she won’t be able to go to their performance.

She published a self-portrait on Instagram along with the following caption: “Tomorrow I was planning on attending your show in Hershey, but unfortunately I have to get chemotherapy across the street.

I’ll give you the number to my room if you guys are interested in dropping by.”

It turned out that her 3,489 followers immediately took action. They started forwarding the message to their friends and tagged the Jonas Brothers in it. Not much longer after that, Lily’s request became widely shared online.

The Jonas Brothers have, at last, comprehended the point of all of these individuals’ efforts, as well as the influence of social media.

In order to pay their respects to Lily when she was undergoing cancer treatment, the band members paid a brief visit to the hospital before their performance. Even Nick’s wife, Priyanka Chopra, came along for the journey.

Joe remarked, “We saw your messages, and we had no choice but to come over.”

In a video clip that was shared on the Facebook page of the hospital, Kevin can be heard saying to Lily, “Thank you for asking us to come come visit you.” He claimed that his whole feed was being dominated by people asking him to go see her.

Following a short period of conversation, Nick asked Lily if she had a favorite song so that they might pay tribute to her during the performance by playing it throughout the set. She chose “S.O.S.,” their number one song from 2007.

Lily said that she had the best experience of her life meeting the Jonas Brothers, despite the fact that she was unable to attend the show. Additionally, the band members signed autographs and took selfies with the little fan.

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