Because of the health scare ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star Kate Jackson gave up Hollywood and adopted a child…

In 1987, Jackson received the devastating news that she had breast cancer and as Jackson said, “I was forced to confront, squared up, my own mortality.” “It was up to me to determine whether or not I wanted to continue living. And if you choose life, as I did, you’ll find that things change constantly.”

When it came time for Jackson to have her surgery done, she drew on the inner strength she had developed together with the support of her close friends. She recalls thinking to herself, “The spectrum of emotions you go through is remarkable.”

“On the other hand, I decided to consciously choose to have a good attitude, i forced myself to ignore any unfavorable thoughts that entered my head.” Since then, Jackson has continued to carry that upbeat attitude with her.

Jackson made the decision to go to a macrobiotic diet as soon as she found out the news, which helped her come to terms with the outcomes of the reconstructive surgery she would eventually choose to have.

She spoke the following phrase: “I’m never going to have the ideal physique, i’m not into facelifts and lip poufs. I am able to dress appropriately for any role, whether it calls for a bustier, a strapless evening gown, or anything else.”

Jackson is currently in excellent condition and is reporting that she is feeling great despite having survived two separate bouts with cancer. In 1992, she said, “I continue to have the same level of excitement and passion that I had when I first started out.

After living in Hollywood for maybe over twenty years, I can finally say that I’m content, real happy. I am having flashbacks to when I was 20 years old.”

Another significant epiphany for the actress was when she understood that she wanted to move away from Los Angeles.

The famous actress first relocated to Virginia so that she could be closer to her longtime pals from her youth.

Chita Middleton, Jackson’s closest friend from high school, recalled how Jackson’s exuberant and unbridled behavior earned her the nickname “unruly.”

After recovering from her sickness, Jackson spent some time reconnecting with her family and ancestors, but she eventually moved on. After some time, she married her now-ex-husband, Tom Hart, who is the proprietor of a ski resort in Utah. This ultimately led to her relocation to that state.

Before she met Hart, Jackson had been married twice before. Both of those marriages ended in divorce. Her first marriage was to Andrew Stevens, which lasted from 1978 through 1981 and ended in divorce.

After that, in 1982, Jackson wed David Greenwald, and the couple divorced two years later in 1984. She told that, “I was looking for real commitment in all the wrong places.”

Jackson made the decision after her marriage to Hart to never marry again; nonetheless, in 1995, she became a mother when she adopted a boy and gave him the name Charles Taylor Jackson.

Since that time, she has not been involved in any other public relationships since she devotes all of her time and attention to the upbringing of her kid.

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