Because the mother is unable to sleep, she grabs hold of her son and begins an impromptu dance in the kitchen…

Lucy Stevens couldn’t sleep since it was quite a warm night in Napoleonville, Louisiana, so she felt that dancing was the best way to alleviate her uneasiness and get some much-needed rest.

Ever since her son Lance was old enough to stand on his own, Lucy has been dancing with him and if we fast forward a few years, we find that her kid is now an adult; nonetheless, he is still interested in dancing with his mother.

While the rest of the family observes, the couple makes the decision to spend some time cooking together in the kitchen.

The radio is playing the jazz tune “Dear Future Husband,” which is an excellent song for swing dancing.

Lucy and Lance glide over the tiled floor with ease after pausing for a minute to be in rhythm with one another. Lance is wearing white socks, and his mom is wearing shoes.

As the two of them dance about the room, there is a lot of laughing, and Lance’s daughter even joins in on the fun (from the sidelines), practicing her own routines while watching her dad and grandmother.

Lucy says something just as the dance is about to come to an end that causes the whole family to burst out laughing, including Lance, who temporarily collapses to the floor to collect his breath.

The mother and kid clearly have a lot of talent, and a lot of other people must agree with them since the video of their dance quickly accumulated millions of views in just a few short days after it was posted online.

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