Before falling head over heels in love with her current husband, Anne Hathaway endured the unbearable pain of multiple heartbreaks…

Ever since her role as Princess Mia in “The Princess Diaries,” actress Anne Hathaway has been due for the fairytale ending of her own for a very long time, however, after the cameras stopped rolling, Mia Thermopolis did not have the same level of success in romantic relationships.

2004 was the year when she first started dating Raffaello Follieri.

The dashing Italian property entrepreneur seemed to be the man who would one day play the part of her Prince Charming.

But after another four years had passed, Hathaway eventually came to the realization that Follieri had played a more sinister role in her fairy tale relationship as the affair, in addition to being unpleasant to Hathaway on a personal level, also exposed her to public scrutiny.

In spite of the disruption, Hathaway eventually regained her composure and made reference to a new mystery guy whom she had met at the Palm Springs Film Festival. Adam Schulman, a former actor who is now a jeweler, was revealed to be Hathaway’s boyfriend.

When the shoot was over, Hathaway was over over heels in love with Schulman, “from the very first moment I met him, I knew that he was the love of my life.”

And what better way is there to celebrate a lifetime than with a wedding? Hathaway and Schulman were married on the coast of California in 2012, in between Hathaway’s press obligations for “The Dark Knight Rises” and Schulman’s for “Les Misérables.” Since then, the couple has become parents to two children.

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