Before going off to college, a man receives an emotional letter that was written for him by his housekeeper…

It is common practice for a lot of families to hire maids to help with the management of their homes and the upbringing of their children.

The most of the time, the maids will be heavily engaged in providing care for the children from the time that the children were infants all the way up to the time that they are old enough to care for themselves independently.

Consequently, try to put yourself in their shoes and envision how they would feel when the children they have been caring for have to finally move out of the home to attend college.

Recently, a guy from Malaysia posted on social media about how his Indonesian housekeeper, whom he nicknamed “bibik,” the Indonesian word for “aunt,” had left him a heartfelt letter before he had to leave home to attend college.

It goes without saying that the letter has managed to pull at the heartstrings of not just him but also everyone else on the internet. The following is written in the letter: ” I’m sorry, Hafiz, but Bibik was unable to get anything for you. It is important to Bibik that you do not let down your parents or your elders in any way.

Bibik prays that everything turns out well for you, that you never experience illness, that you be blessed abundantly, that you have a long life, that you are prosperous, that you realize your goals, and that you get anything else you’ve ever wanted and everything else you’ll ever desire.

Please accept my apologies, Hafiz, for anything that Bibik may have ever said that was inappropriate.”

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