Before going to work, a guy assists an elderly woman in crossing the street, and as a result, he receives a reward that he never could have imagined…

On his way to and from work each day, George Tandy, a divorced father of one, walks by a ritzy building.

George walks over a crosswalk that is about one hundred meters away from the building on his route to the subway station. It was there that he first made contact with Doris Danquist. The old lady was attempting to cross the street, but there were automobiles going quite quickly in both directions, so she was hesitant.

George moved closer to her and saw that she had tears in her eyes and a frightened look on her face as he did so.

“Excuse me. “Hey, how are you doing?” Concerned, George posed the question. Doris nodded and said, “I’m great, thanks for asking, just doesn’t appear to be working! All the automobiles… They move quite fast! I was worried I might be struck.”

“Well, what do you say if I assist you?” George made the proposition. You grab my arm, and we’ll cross the street together, all right? “Wouldn’t that be wonderful! Thank you!” Doris took the gift with gratitude and wiped away her tears.

“Thank you, young guy! “What exactly is your name?” When Doris questioned George with a grin, he said, “Hi, I’m George. I’m George Tandy.” And you?” “I’m Doris Danquist. “It’s nice to finally meet you,” the old lady remarked. “In today’s world, it’s really difficult to find genuine males.

I can’t believe how fortunate your wife is! As soon as George heard what the lady had to say, his happy expression transformed into one of disappointment. He responded by saying, “One year ago, my wife passed away.  It’s not an easy task…”

“I am sorry!” Doris said. “Do you have any kids at home?” The response from George was “Yes.” “Three; two females and one male. They are the source of my joy. My existence would not have any meaning or purpose if it weren’t for the people in it.”

In response, Doris said, “I understand how you are feeling. It’s been five years since I last saw my Albert. My children and grandkids keep me going.” A couple of days later, George saw Doris once again waiting to cross the street at the foot of the pedestrian lane.

He greeted her with a cheery greeting and said, “Hey, Mrs. Danquist! Would you want to cross with me? When Doris turned around and spotted George, she immediately broke into a grin. “George! You are a welcome relief to my aching eyes. It will make me happy! And if you must, just call me Doris!

They navigated the busy thoroughfare by taking the old lady’s arm as they went. “Hey, Doris, just so you know, I’m usually around here first thing in the morning.  If you wait for me, I will bring you over if you promise to stay here! Doris’s expression brightened.

After that, George and Doris would always go across the street together in the morning before George went to work.

In the end, George acknowledged that it was challenging for him to be the single father in the house as because of the high cost of his wife’s medical care, He was forced to liquidate their assets and sell their home and automobile.

On the other hand, George did not see Doris for more than a week after that in the days that followed. Despite the fact that he had not seen her for many days, he recalled that she went out to meet her friends three times per week. What transpired with her, if anything? George was beginning to feel concerned.

The next day, George made his way to Doris’s apartment complex and spoke with the doorman there.

Looking quite sorrowful, the doorman said, “Oh! Mrs. Danquist passed. It came about all of a sudden.” George felt a chill flow through him and felt saddened. “But… The previous week, she had no problems! The doorman responded as he heaved a sigh by saying, “It was a tremendous surprise for all of us, but particularly the family.” In passing, may I ask what your name is?

He responded while still being confused by what he had learnt by saying, “George Tandy.” Why do you ask?”

George was given a card by the doorman, who then said, “Oh!” The attorney for Mrs. Danquist inquired as to whether or not I knew George Tandy and how to get in touch with him. It would seem that Mrs. Danquist has bestowed upon you a legacy. George, who was taken aback, said, “For me? However, why?”

After a few weeks had passed, the attorney for Doris Danquist got in touch with George.

During their conversation, George learned that Doris had bequeathed him the Lincoln automobile that had belonged to her late husband! The attorney stated to George as he handed him the keys and some paperwork, “Mrs. Danquist thought you’d understand.”

George accepted with floods of gratitude streaming down his face. “I accept. He said that Mrs. Danquist is a “kind and magnificent nature.”

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