Before the holidays, Jimmy Fallon shared a happy family vacation photo with a funny caption…

Just in time for the holidays, Jimmy Fallon and his family are soaking in some rays of sunshine.

Fallon, who is 48 years old, posted a humorous photo to Instagram on Friday showing himself, his wife Nancy Juvonen, and their two daughters Winnie Rose, 9, and Frances Cole, 8, all dressed in swimwear and other warm-weather appropriate clothing as they prepared to embark on a vacation over the long holiday weekend.

Fallon jokingly wrote in the caption alongside the photo, “We got catfished by our hotel,” which showed the entire family smiling in front of a rusted structure built on top of a rocky surface by a body of water.

“Happy Holidays to You from the Fallon Family!!

In the month of November 2021, Jimmy Fallon spoke about his participation in the “Share More Joy” campaign for Frito-Lay together with his wife and their girls.

In reference to the advertisement, Jimmy Fallon said, “There’s a joyful childish wonder to it, and there’s a sweetness to it.” Fallon said that he had early reservations about allowing his daughters to perform on the show.

“I respond with, “Man, I don’t know. ‘ It’s not that they want to go into the profession, but I can’t say much about how excellent of actors they are “he remarked.

And then there’s my wife, who is more comfortable working behind the scenes, as a producer, rather than being in front of the camera… Nevertheless, I questioned her by asking, “What do you think?””

“And in response, she said something to the effect of, “I believe you must, the kids are adorable.” If the children are participating, then I will participate as well; therefore, let’s simply do it as a family.’

It worked out really well in the end. They were excellent in their roles. My daughters had a nice chuckle.”

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