Behind the Walmart, police officers see a homeless mother caring for her children, and the future actions bring the mother to tears…

Shannon Loveless and her family were without a house and had set up camp in the parking lot of a Walmart. By the time it was December 2017, Loveless, her three children, and herself had been living inside their van for the previous half year.

They had food provided for them by food banks, and they prepared their meal on a grassy area outside a Walmart. Loveless was quoted as saying that there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

However, because to the compassion and hard work of two Sacramento Country sheriff’s deputies, the Loveless family once again had a reason to hope for the future. Loveless did not have a positive impression of law enforcement personnel prior to his meeting with them.

“We always see the bad side of police officers, so to see this side of them is something really great,” Loveless said. “We need to work together to change the perception of police officers.”

What exactly did the police do to cause such a dramatic shift in Loveless’ viewpoint of them? While they were monitoring a neighboring homeless encampment, they first came upon Loveless and her children.

Loveless became overcome with emotion as she recounted the kindness the cops showed, “just for them to be able to have a comfortable place to sleep, watch cartoons, and other things that kids do,” she said.

Not only did the two cops improve Loveless’ immediate circumstances, but they also gave her a fresh burst of motivation.

Loveless referred to it as “a complete and utter paradigm shift.  The drive is there, and the morale is up, and all of a sudden it seems like, ‘I’m ready. Let’s make the most of this year!'”

Additionally, the cops went back to the house with supplies for the family as well as toys for the children.

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