Betty White’s SNL act is another level of masterpiece

The entire world seemed to be looking forward to Betty White’s 100th birthday on January 17th.

While many people were disappointed to learn of her death, she lived a full life!
It appears that celebration is in order, and we have SO MUCH information encoded in digital archives that may drive us to tears laughing—and yes, even sobbing.

Let’s watch a video of one of the most amusing moments this legend has ever given us!

The show is shot live in front of a live audience (on Saturday night, if you can believe it).

They have a writing staff that creates skits and monologues based on current events.

In addition, celebrities are brought in to perform specific roles in their skits. Seeing a celebrity in a humorous role on Saturday Night Live is often part of the appeal, especially when they have a very funny segment.

In 2013, SNL filmed a sketch called “Census Taker vs. Old Lady,” and… Betty White was in it!

The sketch features a young woman (Tina Fey) who knocks on an elderly woman’s door (Betty White).

Her objective is to record her information for the US Census Bureau.

Things get hilarious when Betty emerges in her blue robe.

They begin with introductions, but Betty is finished with the talk as soon as it begins!

As a government employee, dealing with the elderly appears to be really difficult!
“You never returned your 2010 census form, and I had a few questions for you.”

“All right, darling, shall I need a calculator?” “Because I have one despite having removed the batteries.”

This is clearly not going to be simple.

Sure, you may have lines, but why not add your own vitality to them? That needs a true professional.

Betty was about as professional as you could get with her experience.

We wish she could have been with us a little longer, but we are grateful that she gave us so much!

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