Blake Lively criticizes the paparazzi all while sharing new pregnancy photos, saying those “scare”…

The most recent social media post that Blake Lively has made is another illustration of why so many people like her.

The actress revealed in a recent interview that she and her actor husband, Ryan Reynolds, are expecting their fourth child together.

While this should be a time for celebration (and relaxation), it seems that the paparazzi and media have upset Lively with their sincere efforts to capture a snapshot of the actress with her kids.

As a means of providing a reaction, the 35-year-old resorted to Instagram in order to post a meaningful statement with a number of stunning photographs.

The post on September 17 comprised of photographs of Lively flaunting her big tummy in stylish beach costumes and sharing nice moments with pals, including one with her good friend Taylor Swift.

Lively added in the description, “Here are photographs of me pregnant in real life so the 11 dudes waiting outside my house for a sighting will leave me alone.” She went on to say that the photographers “scare” both her and her children.

James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, age 2, are Lively and Reynolds’ three children together as parents.

She has, like many other celebrities, made an effort to keep her children out of the public spotlight, and she has been rather effective at this endeavor, as seen by the fact that very few photographs of her and Ryan Reynolds’ children can be found online.

Along with her remark on the paparazzi, Lively also addressed the media that post unauthorized photographs of children of celebrities without the parents’ permission.

“I would want to thank everyone else for all of the love and respect they have shown me, as well as for the fact that they have continued to unfollow accounts and magazines that post photographs of children, you have all of the power in this conflict with them.

Also, many thanks to the members of the media who adhere to the “No Kids Policy.”

You individuals are what ultimately makes the difference. Much love”

The actress has already given a talk on the subject of contention as she left a comment in the summer of 2021 on an article that has since been removed in which she described how “frightening” it was for her family when photographers followed them while they were out with their children.

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