Blake Lively finally speaks up about Ryan Reynolds’ dedication as a dad

Ryan Reynolds has been in the headlines recently, promoting his new Christmas film with Will Ferrell and filling every square inch of internet ad space with advertisements for Mint Mobile. Despite his hectic schedule, Blake Lively recently commended her husband for his dedication to being a father at the American Cinematheque Award event. Reynolds is presently taking a break from acting to devote more time to being a father and being present with his children. Even while he was working, Reynolds, according to Lively, always hurried home as quickly as he could.

“Now I am his home, and our daughters are his home, and he rushes home, whether it’s from across the globe or a meeting across the street, he is hard-wired to get home,” she said at the LA event, introducing him. Lively is presently expecting their fourth child. “We’d be really concerned if he didn’t come home from set wearing his clothing.”

And she meant it literally, as she went on: “Whether it’s mud, fake blood, real blood, artificial scars, superhero outfits, shoes, or clown makeup, Daddy is always there.” And that man returns to his actual life like nothing I’ve ever seen before. “Especially not by someone who is so immersed in his professional life.”

But it’s not just at work that he’s all in. At home, the actor/soccer club owner/marketing mogul/gin guru is an even better father and spouse.

“He is able to be everything to everyone at the same time.” “He is the most present person you will ever meet,” remarked Lively. “And, yeah, he makes magic in his art, but man, oh man, does he make magic in his everyday life

That’s the type of information you want to hear about people who appear to be cool. She could have given a rote speech praising his acting abilities, but instead, she delivered an emotional speech about how dedicated he is in EVERY aspect of his life and how he still manages to kill it as a father.

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