Bob Barker celebrates his 99th birthday at their favorite restaurant with his longtime partner Nancy Burnet

Bob Barker rose to fame as the presenter of “The Price Is Right,” and he remains a popular figure even after retiring. On December 12, 2022, the TV legend will be 99, and he will celebrate with his cherished companion of over four decades.

Barker’s brother and wife take him out to supper on his birthday every year. He normally gets to choose the restaurant, and his brother covers the bill. Barker treasures these private times with his family and spouse.

Barker and his “beautiful woman,” Nancy Burnet, first met in 1983 and became friends because of their mutual passion for animal rights campaigning. After a time, they began dating and decided to establish the animal refuge, DonkeyLand.

For several years, the television personality has been enjoying his life away from the camera. His “woman” observed that despite the passage of time, he had remained healthy and fit. She added that he is content and that he keeps himself busy.

Barker was happily married to Dorothy Jo Gideon before meeting his present companion.

Barker’s girlfriend stated that he is happy, “engaged,” and doing extremely well for his age, adding that he is “quite healthy,” “very sturdy,” and “strong.” Reading about world and American history keeps his thinking fresh.

Barker, on the other hand, has had some major health issues throughout the years. He has had a carotid artery blockage, skin cancer, and a stroke. He also underwent prostate surgery and needed stitches in his knee after a terrible tumble.

Fortunately, he had his wonderful partner at his side throughout the ordeal. The TV personality is a staunch supporter of the benefits of a plant-based diet, and he attributes his long life to being vegetarian and keeping active.

Barker was happily married to Dorothy Jo Gideon before meeting his present companion. Sadly, she died, and he never imagined he’d find someone else to love. He had this to say about losing his wife:

“I never had any desire to remarry.” “My wife was her name.”

However, when he met Burnet, everything changed, and he fell in love again. He never remarried, but the two have been together for a long time and couldn’t be happier, despite Barker’s loving memories of his late wife.

On occasion, the TV personality has been observed visiting his late wife’s cemetery. He took a few moments out of his day to polish the gravestone and lay a huge bouquet of daisies on it. He also took a moment to sit and, no doubt, reminisce on their time together.

Gideon died in 1981 at the age of 57. She had been diagnosed with lung cancer, which ultimately killed her. Fortunately, Burnet appeared, and she and Barker have worked tirelessly to promote animal rights, and they’ve been there for each other since the beginning.

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