Body expert explained what Depp’s and Heard’s body languages on these pics actually mean… Her revelations came just in time when…

The human body communicates great deal about its owner. Everything from the apparel people wear to the way they walk, the way they speak, the way they gesticulate, and their quick responses to things all reflect one’s own state of mind, including how they feel, what they think, what they value, and everything else in between.

In her now-viral study of Amber Heard’s and Johnny Depp’s court testimony, body language expert Janine Drive shows this by focusing on how they expressed themselves and behaved during the Depp vs. Heard trial.

In particular, Amber Heard was the subject of many of Drive’s revelations, notably during her listening session to one of the tapes she made with Depp. After seeing the video, Drive described her facial expressions as “contemptuous” and “moral superior,” respectively.

“It’s right there on the left side of her face, on the left side of her face. It’s a sense of moral superiority.” ”

“In addition, it is inappropriate, particularly for a battered woman. I work with mistreated women on a daily basis. […]

And I have to tell you that mistreated women or women who have suffered trauma do not radiate contempt and that’s what I mean by moral superiority.”

As for Depp, she pointed out that he occasionally flashes a weak, flinching smile, which she interprets as a sign that he is experiencing feelings of weakness and vulnerability.

She also discussed how the neglect he has endured has served to, in a sense, counterbalance (or act as a defense mechanism against) the pain he is experiencing as a result of it.

When asked to revisit bad memories or, as in the court video, is being emasculated, Drive noted that there is also this nervous laugh that goes along with the smile, and that people can see it in other interviews he has done over the years.

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