Boy suddenly stopped breathing and at that moment, guardian angel appeared…

When Yakema Harris, the mother of two, picked up her son Messiah from daycare on a typical Wednesday afternoon, the boy was two years old. However, after the two entered their house, their day took a turn that was anything from routine.

Messiah started vomiting, but Yakema didn’t place too much importance on it at first as she presumably assumed that he had picked up an illness at the daycare where he was attending.

However, not long after that, Messiah deteriorated much more. At first, she believed that her kid had just lied down in order to take a sleep; nevertheless, she soon came to the realization that her baby had unexpectedly stopped breathing.

She was in such a state of fear that she dialed 9-1-1, which ended up being her connection to a guardian angel.

The call came in as Officer Barron Dixon had just concluded his work for the day and was on his way home when he was listening for it.

While he was listening to find out how near other cops were, he noticed that he was the closest of all of them.

He didn’t waste any time in picking up the phone when it rang. The youngster who had abruptly stopped breathing was brought back to life by Officer Barron when he got on the scene and started conducting (CPR).

The man’s mother has come to the conclusion that Officer Barron is her child’s guardian angel.

In her words: “I believe that God sent him particularly for this time and place as an angel from heaven. It was necessary, perhaps crucial, for him to be there.”

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