Boy would sit in the metro for hours every day after school, selling drawings he personally made. One day, kind stranger asked him why, and he revealed it was to help raise money for his sick mother

A parent’s love is said to be immeasurable, but a child’s love is delicate, compassionate, and pure. When children do things, it is with the best of intentions and a genuine wish for things to improve.

That was the dream Venezuelan Jeremy Perez had in his heart every day when, instead of heading home after school, he went directly to the metro station. There, he would sketch portraits and sell them to customers.

Every day, the youngster waited by the stairs, waiting for hours until he had enough money to bring home to his mother, Karina. A compassionate stranger who passed by regularly decided to ask him why he was doing it.

The 15-year-old claimed that he was selling his drawings to assist his mother, who had been involved in an accident. She fell from the fourth floor of a building and broke her back and nerves. He and his brother had to find other ways to make money because of this.

Instead of hanging out with his buddies like other ninth-graders, Jeremy had to stand up and work to support his family. He sold his drawings for two cents apiece and five to twelve paintings every day.

Jeremy would save his earnings to cover his mother’s everyday necessities, such as diapers and medications. Yet, in addition to paying for her, he and his brother needed to find methods to eat and live comfortably.

Once the magazine acquired Jeremy’s paintings, many of its readers expressed an interest in giving them to him.

The stranger, astounded that Jeremy’s everyday sales in the metro had a deeper purpose, decided to assist him. First, the man chose to share Jeremy’s tale on his Facebook page. He asked his acquaintances whether anyone was interested in purchasing drawings or providing art supplies.

To take things a step further, he decided to contact his friends at Magazine Exclusiva about purchasing and publishing Jeremy’s drawings in their newspaper. They eventually agreed and did this to assist Jeremy in making money and spreading the word about his business.

Once the magazine acquired Jeremy’s paintings, many of its readers expressed an interest in giving them to him. But, because the youngster was a juvenile, he was unable to accept donations in his name. As a result, Jeremy requested that his aunt Yendry accept gifts on his behalf.

The individual who initially shared Jeremy’s tale couldn’t help but express his gratitude to everyone who wanted to help the youngster. He stated:

“On a personal level, I appreciate your prompt reaction to this situation. “It is my intention to act appropriately in order to actualize the assistance and get this youngster off the streets.”

Thousands of individuals eventually responded to the plea for assistance. The family collected enough funds to address Karina’s medical issues and give her the necessities.

In the interest of openness, the Perez family provided medical data as well as confirmation that their donors’ funds were handled in good faith. Yet the stranger couldn’t help but hope that, despite their country’s awful economic circumstances, people would remain resilient and compassionate throughout it all.

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