Brave couple tied the knot while hanging from ropes 400 feet above canyon floor…

Couples who are certain that they will eventually tie the knot give significant thought to the organization of their future wedding. The location of the wedding ceremony is one of the elements that contributes to the event’s elevated sense of significance.

The newlyweds Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin picked the option was to be married at the location where they first fell in love with one other. And that location ended up being on the rim of the Moab Canyon!

It would seem that both Ryan and Kimberly are dependent to their doses of adrenaline, they are always excited to participate in “extreme” activities that will give them a rush of adrenaline. The daring duo has no intention of backing down from any challenge, whether it leaping from cliffs or skydiving.

During one of their daring exploits, they chance to run into each other in the Moab canyon when they were both attending the high-lining GGBY festival. On the occasion of the holiday celebration in the year 2016, the pair announced their engagement to one another.

And then, in November of 2017, the pair were married just one day before attending their most beloved event.

To everyone’s surprise, Ryan and Kimberly decided to be married while hanging out of a helicopter 400 feet over the Moab Canyon! Without the assistance of Ryan’s best man, who designed a space net with a variety of colors, the couple’s nuptials among the clouds would not have been feasible.

The pair was prevented from plummeting to their deaths and securely declared husband and wife thanks to the durable and colorful net that was used. Kimberly accompanied her father as he delivered his most precious daughter to her future husband as they made their way down the man-made “aisle” during their wedding.

And instead of using a traditional wedding ring to signify their nuptials, the daring newlyweds utilized a soft handcrafted shackles, a gear that they use to rig on high lines, fitted with a diamond and a flower as their wedding band.

After what can only be described as a breathtaking and heart-stopping wedding ceremony, Kimberly posted some breathtaking wedding images with her husband along with a heartfelt message.

Indeed, Ryan and Kimberly have struck gold by discovering a companion who appreciates the same heart-pounding and nerve-wracking exploits that they do and shares their enthusiasm for them.

Their love was undoubtedly strengthened as a direct result of the heroic journeys they endured and the life-changing situations they prevailed over. After all, “Love is designed to be an adventure!” was a phrase that Gordon Hinckley used to use all the time.

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