Breanna Lee, who is just 16 years old, Cries During Her Auditions but Comes Back to Win the Golden Buzzer…

When sixteen-year-old Breanna Lee lost control of her emotions during her audition for Australia’s Got Talent, it was a devastating moment for everyone watching. However, after receiving some words of encouragement from the panel of judges, this very gifted young lady regained her composure and proceeded to stun everyone away with her performance.

Breanna Lee is greeted warmly by Judge Kate Richie, who is seated on the panel with the British actor David Williams and the Australian actor Shane Jacobson. Breanna Lee is instructed to begin the competition whenever she is ready.

But before she does so, Breanna glances to her left, where two of her male supporters are standing, for some words of encouragement. They are standing there with the presenter, Ricki-Lee Coulter, and one of them is wearing a t-shirt that says “Get Up, Stand Up, Show Up.”

Breanna Lee sings Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colours.” Breanna has a beautiful angelic voice, and the look in her eyes shows that she has a profound comprehension of the song. At the fifty second mark, David seems to be trying to take in the music that Breanna is creating by alternately closing and opening his eyes. Breanna is much liked by the audience, but the ovation throws her off guard, and she fails to impress.

Breanna turns her attention to the people shouting for her. The guy in the t-shirt urges her to go, despite the fact that she is now crying and afraid. Breanna is joined on stage by Kate and Ricki-Lee after Alesha had stopped the music by asking the orchestra to stop playing.

They console her, and both the audience and David reassure her that they are interested in hearing more of what she has to say. Breanna finds her composure and gives her consent to attempt once again.

Breanna Lee delivers the first two stanzas of the song with a fresh sense of vigour, and the audience goes absolutely crazy.

Her rendition is genuine and honest, matching the beauty and depth of her voice, however, there is one more surprise in store for you at 3:05. Breanna starts out the song by singing certain sections of the chorus in her mother tongue!

In spite of the loud acclaim and the thumbs up from her admirers, the teary-eyed beauty from Melbourne seems to be unaware of how brilliantly she has performed when the song is over. However, the target audience understands and so encourages the judges to employ “The Golden Buzzer,” in case you were wondering.

At 4:35, David listens to them and gives them precisely what it is that they desire.

The competition for Breanna’s spot in the final four has been accelerated. Confetti made of gold falls on this young lady, and her delight knows no bounds as a result. Her loved ones surround her with embraces and lavish praise whenever they see her.

Student Ms. Breanna Lee lives with her foster family and is a member of their household and they were the ones who inspired her to perform her chosen song partly in her native tongue.

Breanna has been driven by the ambition to demonstrate to other First Nation children and teenagers who are in foster care that they, too, are capable of achieving their goals, and she is well on her way to realising all of her own aspirations.

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