Brendan Fraser, who suddenly dropped out of sight, finally disclosed the reason for his exit, which was not pretty. After retreating to life on the farm where he cared for his autistic son, he is finally back with an Oscar nomination and a new love

Brendan Fraser, star of “Gods and Monsters,” has had a long and successful career in movies. In 1991, he made his cinematic debut as a sailor on his way to Vietnam in “Dogfight,” and he quickly became a Hollywood heartthrob with appearances in “The Mummy” and “The Mummy Returns.”

He got a lot of praise for his role in “George of the Jungle,” which made $174.4 million worldwide at the box office. Brendan kept working in movies for years after his first one, which made him a Hollywood A-lister.

In 1992’s “Encino Man,” he won his first main role as Linkavitch “Link” Chomofsky, with Pauly Shore as Stanley “Stoney” Brown, Sean Astin as David “Dave” Morgan, Robin Tunney as Ella, and Megan Ward as Robyn Sweeney.

Following that, he appeared in a number of films, including “School Ties,” “With Honors,” “The Scout,” “The Twilight of the Golds,” “Blast from the Past,” “Now and Then,” and “Escape from Planet Earth,” among others.

His hard work in his roles earned him many awards, including ones from the Seattle International Film Festival, the ShoWest Film Festival, and the Screen Actors Guild.

Fraser was one of the highest-paid Hollywood actors in the 1990s and early 2000s, making tens of millions of dollars for single films, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He earned $1.5 million for “The Scout” in 1994, $4 million for “Duddly Do-Right,” the same amount for “The Mummy,” and $10 million for “Bedazzled.”

The actor received a shocking $12.5 million for his part in “The Mummy Returns” before reaching the pinnacle of his career with his performance in “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,” which paid him a whopping $14 million in 2008.

Despite his enormous success, Fraser abruptly withdrew from the spotlight. Many speculated as to why such a renowned performer would abruptly abandon his job. Fraser came out in 2018, revealing why he left Hollywood, following years of admirers guessing about his unexplained departure.

The actor stated he was a victim of sexual assault in Hollywood, with the perpetrator being former Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) President Philip Berk.

He said that Berk grabbed him in an inappropriate way at an HFPA luncheon in 2003, where he was molested. He said that the abuse caused him to withdraw and be unhappy. He revealed:

“I began to feel down. I was blaming myself, and I was terrible — because I was saying, ‘This is nothing; this man reached around, and he got a feel’. The summer passed, and I have no idea what I worked on next.”

Fraser confessed that the experience made him sick to his stomach and made him want to cry. He recalls racing out of the room and sprinting past a police officer. He considered confessing to the cop but couldn’t bring himself to do so. Instead, he raced home and informed his wife, Afton Smith.

Fraser pondered telling his tale to the public in the days that followed, but after much deliberation, he changed his mind. He didn’t want his maltreatment to define or become a part of his story.

Even after the news came out, Berk rejected the charges, and HFPA declined to comment on the subject. The “Quiet American” actor was left in the dark as to whether the HFPA had blacklisted him.

Fraser’s marriage had failed, and he had recently lost his mother. He also couldn’t shake the traumatic memories of what had happened in the summer of 2003.

The “Still Breathing” star was wondering if he had fallen out with the HFPA, which supervises the Golden Globes. Even without their saying anything, Fraser could tell something was wrong when he noticed he was never asked to the Globes after 2003.

Berk, on the other hand, says that the HFPA didn’t hurt Fraser’s career and that the actor’s career just went downhill on its own.HFPA, on the other hand, stated they first learned of Fraser’s tale when he publicly confessed in 2018.

At the time, the actor had his representatives seek an apology from Berk, but the ploy backfired in his face, and shortly after, his career started going poorly. Yet problems had only just begun in Fraser’s life, and the worst was yet to come.

In 2007, his marriage fell apart like a house of cards. The actor from “Younger and Younger” and his wife, “Reality Bites” actress Afton Smith, met in 1993 and dated for years before marrying in 1998.

However, after nine years of marriage and three boys, they chose to divorce. The divorce was contentious, and the actor was ordered to pay $900,000 in alimony and up to $30,000 in child support every year.

When Fraser said he didn’t make as much as he did when he was at the top of his acting career, his wife thought he was lying. They ultimately reached an agreement and split ways. The cause for their divorce is still unknown, despite the fact that the two remain close friends.

In 2016, the actor was dealt another sad blow when his mother died of cancer. It was surely difficult for “The Affair” star for many years. He had to deal with the fading of his once-rising career, his divorce, and the death of his mother in less than two decades. He revealed:

“I was going through experiences that mold and shape you in ways you’re not prepared for until you go through them.”

A man can only take so much, and Fraser had been put through the wringer. His career was deteriorating, and he was starring in films he didn’t like. To make matters worse, his health was failing with each passing day.

The physical demands of doing his own stunts in “The Mummy” franchise had taken their toll on him. Over a seven-year period, he had gotten hurt several times and had to have surgery more than once.

Fraser’s marriage had failed, and he had recently lost his mother. He also couldn’t shake the traumatic memories of what had happened in the summer of 2003. All of this led Fraser to choose a life apart from Hollywood, where he no longer felt he belonged.

He packed up his things and moved to his horse farm in New Bedford, New York, far away from all the trouble. He moved into a large, angular house on a rural road with a sprawling lawn that led down to a glistening lake. The tranquility of his farmhouse was ideal for him to unwind and forget about the difficulties he had had in past years.

The farm grounds were also ideal for his boys because they were equipped with a swimming pool, a zipline, a tetherball, a trampoline, and a hammock. His boys, who lived with their mother in Greenwich, Connecticut, had a second house there with plenty of fun games.

Fraser chose a tranquil life on the farm, where his autistic son Griffin connected with his horse Pecas. He had taken home the horse from the “Texas Rising” set in Mexico.


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Fraser says that he knew what he had to do when he saw other horses making fun of Pecas. He had precisely the task for him: look after Griffin. When they finished filming, he flew him to his New York farmhouse aboard a FedEx cargo jet.

Fraser found comfort in the quiet and peaceful life on the farm, far from the attention and stress of Hollywood. He adored the forests and trees that surrounded him, as well as the changing seasons and the aroma of burning wood.

The most wonderful sight, though, was his son Griffin connecting with Pecas. He revealed glimpses of Griffin’s relationship with the horse, adding that every time he rode, he felt better:

“Something positive happens between the two of them. Even if Griffin chooses not to ride him. Just brush his hair. The horse enjoys the repeated actions that children on the autism spectrum enjoy. And it simply works.”

When asked why he thought he needed to move away, Fraser replied that he needed to sort things out in his life and assess who he was, where he was headed, and his goals. Despite the fact that a year off did him good, the world was not prepared for his dramatic reappearance.

“The Whale” is a film about Charlie, an English college lecturer who is reclusive and excessively fat. He teaches his college students remotely but has his camera turned off because he is self-conscious about his appearance.

The movie is a narrative of atonement for the protagonist, Charlie, as he seeks to reunite with his estranged teenage daughter, Ellie. It is also a redemption narrative for Fraser, the man behind the persona.

Fraser stayed out of the spotlight for many years, and he slowly stopped being seen on the big screen and in people’s minds. Despite the challenges, including a difficult divorce, Fraser’s exhilarating return to Hollywood was just what he needed, and it has been felt far and wide.

Because of how well the actor did in the movie, he has been nominated for his first Oscar and is expected to win Best Actor. Despite Ellie’s abuse, his character strives to find the good in her, which may be why he has drawn the affection of a beautiful lady, Jeanne Moore.

Fraser and Moore have kept their connection a closely guarded secret. As a result, it came as a pleasant surprise when the two lovebirds appeared holding hands at the 79th Venice Film Festival in September 2022.

It is unknown when the actor and his make-up artist girlfriend started dating. But one thing is certain: they are in love. She’s the first woman he’s been seen with publicly since his divorce, yet she looks to have been the missing piece in his life all along.

As the actor earned a 6-minute standing ovation after the viewing of “The Whale,” Moore rejoiced with him and appeared just as emotional as him.

She has also accompanied the actor to a number of high-profile events, including the AARP Annual Movies for Grownups Awards, the GQ Men of the Year celebration in 2022, the Gotham Awards, and the BAFTA Tea Party.

The relationship seems to be serious, too, since the actor has already told his family about Moore. Moore and Fraser’s sons, Leland and Holden, watched a viewing of “The Whale” together in November 2022.

Supporters are hoping that Moore, a previous “Let’s Make a Deal” competitor, would stick by Fraser. The actor has also thanked his partner in public, saying that without her help, he could not have done as much as he has.He admitted:

“I couldn’t accomplish all of this without the love of the clarion call that is my child Jeanne. Thank you kindly.”

“The Whale” is merely the beginning, and as things stand, Fraser might be laying the way for him to take Hollywood by storm in the coming years, and his fans, old and new, are eager to see what he has in store for them after such a long absence.

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