Bridget Moynahan has been “on cloud nine” ever since she met her husband, and the two of them will be raising Tom Brady’s son after they unexpectedly got married…

The model Bridget Moynahan found out she was pregnant the couple’s child after she had already parted ways with her ex-lover, an NFL player. Moynahan, on the other hand, has since met the man of her dreams and is living happily ever after.

In the television show “Blue Bloods,” actress Bridget Moynahan plays the role of a divorced lady named Erin Reagan-Boyle. However, in real life, Bridget Moynahan is happily married to her husband.

The well-known New York businessman Andrew Frankel is the celebrity television star’s husband. On October 17, 2022, the couple commemorated the occasion of their seventh wedding anniversary with a party.

After going through a challenging period as a single parent to her son John, whom she shares with her ex-partner, football star Tom Brady, Moynahan eventually met the man who would become her true love.

Moynahan is said to have met her future spouse via a mutual acquaintance, however, it is unknown when the two people first came into contact with one another.

An eyewitness told that the brunette beauty was “on cloud nine” when she met Frankel, and that ever since then, the two lovebirds have been inseparable.

In April of 2015, Frankel and Moynahan announced their engagement, and just a few short months later, they were married. Since then, the model has openly discussed her husband,

“He is the kindest man in the world. Sincere, considerate, and emotionally attuned. He is the greatest there is. He is willing to try almost anything, and he always raves about it afterward.”

Frankel allegedly proposed to Moynahan at a “romantic getaway” in Puerto Rico, and he gave her the ring that she had “always” dreamt of having on her finger. On October 19, 2015, Moynahan and Frankel said their “I dos” in a “surprise” and private ceremony in front of close friends and family on Long Island.

Moynahan’s son John, who was eight years old at the time, was also there at the wedding and saw his mother exchange vows with her new husband in an open field.

Moynahan ended her relationship with Brady peacefully in 2006, after the couple had been together for three years. A few months later, she found out that she was expecting the couple’s kid together.

The actress from “I, Robot” gave birth to her first and only kid in August of 2007.

Moynahan broke down in tears because she was terrified of having to bring up her kid by herself without having any previous experience doing so.

She stated that the “difficult” voyage, along with the sadness, overpowered her, and that it significantly affected her life. Additionally, the mother of one never expected that she would be a single mother.

But as time went on, she came to the conclusion that being a single parent did not have to be so discouraging, and she embraced this new normal in her role as a parent, which she described as “the finest thing in the world.”

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