Camille Vasquez has spoken up regarding rumors that she and her client, Johnny Depp, are romantically involved…

Camille Vasquez is well notified of her dating rumors circulating about Johnny Depp online and  is concerned by them.

During the course of the defamation trial, which lasted for a total of six weeks and concluded with the jury mostly siding with Depp, 58, against his ex-wife Amber Heard, one of Depp’s key lawyers, Vasquez, became the focus of conversation on social media.

There was widespread conjecture that Vasquez was engaging in a romantic relationship with her movie-star client among spectators who followed the live-streamed court case with an unhealthy level of attention.

Ms. Vasquez discusses the attention she has received from the public and says in response to the rumors that she is “just doing her job. I suppose that comes with the territory of being a woman.”

She goes on to say, “It is disheartening that some media outlets have kind of run with it or said that my interactions with Johnny, who is a friend and whom I have known and represented for four and a half years now, were in any way inappropriate or unprofessional.

My customers are extremely important to me, and it is clear that our relationship has become quite close. When I say “we,” though, I am referring to the whole of the squad, and yes, it does include Johnny “says Vasquez.

“Additionally, I am of Cuban and Colombian descent. I’m tactile. What exactly do you want me to respond with? I embrace everyone. And I have no guilt in admitting that.”


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