Can you guess what it is?

The world is changing quickly, and new technology is regularly replacing old. It’s easy to see how much has changed in the last 50 to 100 years, with generations of kids growing up who have no idea why we say “call a phone number.” However, a photo of a tool whose name and function baffled even the most seasoned memory was recently circulated. Can you guess what it is?

The image posted on the nostalgia website Do You Remember appears to be some sort of gardening tool at first glance. It’s easy to believe because of its scoop-like appearance and a sharper piece on the inside. This was a common assumption in the comment section. However, if you believe it is a trowel, you should reconsider.

In the shot, this magic object seems to be a hand-held object. The handle’s shape, as well as the expected size, indicates as much. Some believe it was used to open clams rather than as a garden tool.

Those people are also mistaken.

This old ‘tool’ turns out to be an oil spout rather than a tool. Before plastic bottles, oil was sold in cans. Oil spouts were designed to be added for a spill-free pour because it is harder to pour oil from a can without it swilling everywhere and making a mess.

There are still plenty of them around because oil spouts were designed to be reused. When you go to the gas station to fill up, you mostly use them. A worker would come out and pour oil from the can into your tank using the oil spout. They would then dispose of the can while keeping the tool for potential buyers.

Many of us will not remember a time when gas pumps, plastic oil canisters, and oil spouts were commonplace. Though vintage tools and other antiques are no longer in use, it’s always fun to take a quick trip back in time with them.

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