Céline Dion commented on the age gap between her and her late husband, finding new love, confrontation with her mom…

During the course of her career, the singer has shown her appreciation for her spouse by dedicating songs to him and speaking well of him when she has been interviewed by the media.

René first entered the singer’s life in the role of manager and mentor; but, in 1987, after René’s divorce from his second wife, their connection transitioned from professional to love.

In 1994, the pair tied the knot and after just five years had passed, René received his first cancer diagnosis.

He fought against the sickness for a number of years until passing away in 2016.

Less than a year after the couple tied the wedding, Dion said, “It does not come as a surprise to me that we married each other since our goals in life are the same. We have mutual esteem for one another.”

The Hollywood couple first connected in the entertainment business while Dion was still very young; René was 26 years older than Dion at the time. They got criticism from members of the public over their age difference, but the two did not mind.

David Foster, a music producer and a close friend of the couple, said that the two of them were made for one other and that their relationship was ideal.

“There was an age gap, but, as is the case with many fantastic relationships, whatever the age gap may have been, it has a tendency to fade into the background as time goes on. ”

The lovebirds were subjected to criticism not just from the general public but also from Dion’s mother and the famous singer had a difficult time persuading her mother that their relationship was founded on genuine love.

Before René’s passing from cancer in 2016, the couple had been together for the whole of their 21-year relationship and Celine continues to talk about the once-in-a-lifetime love she had with her late husband even after his passing.

Dion and her late husband ar parents of three children. The legendary figure also said that after the loss of her spouse, she is now living her life one day at a time.

“But at this very moment,   I’m not giving any thought to getting back into a relationship or falling in love all over again. “

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