Charlotte Jolley is an enthusiastic fan of Adam Sandler, and she is willing to do everything in order to work for her idol. However, have her most recent efforts gone beyond the point of no return?…

Even though many of us would like to think that we would go out of our way to achieve our goals, the reality is that very few of us have really gone to the lengths that aspiring comedian Charlotte Jolley has.

Charlotte Jolley, who just graduated from Texas University, has said that she is willing to take whatever measures necessary in order to realize her goal of finding employment with Adam Sandler.

What is her most up-to-date strategy? She plans to get Adam Sandler to visit her website and employ her by acquiring billboard space in West Hollywood in the hopes that he would do so.

This follows an expensive video campaign that was launched in an effort to get Sandler’s attention.

Jolley originally became a fan of Adam Sandler when she was young and immediately fell in love with his work by viewing his movies.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in the year 2020, she packed up her belongings and moved to Los Angeles in the hopes of finding work with Adam Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison.

West Hollywood is presently home to five billboards that feature Jolley’s winking face with the words “Adam Sandler, I’m going to work for you.” These billboards can be seen all around the neighborhood.

On her GoFundMe page, Jolley said, “I have pretty much done everything under the sun without crossing any limits.”

In addition to this, she “made and distributed flyers to thousands of people, local businesses, and other locations inside LA/Malibu for many months, walked by the Netflix studio, posted to every site but was shadowbanned for an act of “spam,” […] absolutely everything and everything!!

It is vital to highlight that Jolley’s GoFundMe is only necessary since it cost the bulk of her money to make the video, which has garnered less than one thousand views over the course of the preceding five months and has not helped her obtain a job at Happy Madison.

Both her YouTube channel and her GoFundMe page only have a total of 69 followers, and her GoFundMe page has only collected $85 in contributions.

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