Check why you may believe something happened but in reality it did not… Mandela effect…

Have you ever had the impression that when you heard of a celebrity passing away, you knew he or she had passed away before? There’s a term describing the case, when/if it happens to many and that theory is called: “The Mandela Effect.”

Its name is derived from the fact that many people believe Nelson Mandela died in jail in the 1980s, rather than in 2013.

It is also worth noting that rather of blaming it on a faulty recollection, people, who have been effected, argue that the incident did occur and that they are now living in a parallel reality.

Other instances include the iconic missing cornucopia from the Fruit of the Loom symbol, Darth Vader really stating “No, I am your father,” rather than “Luke, I am your father,” and so on.

Since January 2018, an online research in the form of a test has been conducted. It seems to be a standard awareness quiz at first sight, however all of the questions are about Mandela Effects.

The data reveals which people are the most and least trusted, which nations are the most impacted, which categories (art/movies/brands), and so forth.

Most individuals are startled to get a score of about 50% on the test because they are suspicious of The Mandela Effect, if they’ve heard of it at all, and are confident in their own memory.

It concludes with the “facts.” The quotations are included because this is a one-of-a-kind test: if The Mandela Effect is true, the responses to the same questions might change! 

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