Chloe Paige is being called “brave” for singing church hymns a cappella

When someone steps on stage to audition for The X-Factor, the judges never know what they’re going to get. And they were not anticipating Chloe Paige.

Chloe Paige is a quirky, feisty blonde who shot to superstar fame after performing on The X-Factor UK’s 12th season.

The attractive blonde market vendor from Brighton, England, striding onto the stage in an off-the-shoulder crop top and a waist-hugging miniskirt, told the judges she was “very pleased” to be there. She disclosed a little bit about herself during her pre-audition interview.

“I come from a musical household. “My mother has many brothers and sisters, and several of her sisters sing.”

“We are a family that helps one another.” Chloe was motivated by her grandfather, who had her sing when she was small and promised her, “One day, we’ll go to X-Factor when you grow up,” according to her mother.

Chloe shocked the judges with her vocal abilities when singing Katy B’s “Crying for No Reason,” gaining herself a seat in the competition.

Judge Rita Ora stated that she did not want Chloe to stop singing. “I don’t know how somebody your age feigns something so deep like that; you sang from your soul,” said another. “You are incredible.”

Nobody knew she was only getting started…

During the “Six Chair Challenge,” Chloe stepped out onto the stage and informed the judges that she would be singing “Amazing Grace” a cappella. Simon was doubtful right away, telling the lovely blonde that she was a bold girl. She had proven by the conclusion of the beautiful recital, however, that she was a vocal powerhouse to be reckoned with.

During the first stanza, it’s difficult to discern what the judges are thinking; their faces are straight as they take it all in. The crowd begins to shout as Chloe begins the second stanza.

With each sentence, Chloe’s voice becomes stronger,  expressing every aspect of her spirit. Another contestant appears somewhat concerned as Rita Ora slumps back into her seat, clearly startled by Chloe’s performance.

Simon informed Chloe after her performance, “What you did there was you did a performance that not only makes you deserve a seat, but it perhaps warrants you a position in the finals.” Another judge, Nick Grimshaw, intervened on her behalf, telling her, “To be honest, I don’t remember Chloe Paige—but after that performance, I will never forget you again.”

Rita Ora eliminated Chloe later in the competition in favor of Louisa Johnson, Monica Michael, and Laurent Murray, but her outstanding performance is still the young singer’s real claim to fame.

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