Chris Pratt went from living in a van and barely being able to feed himself to acting in movies based on the love and wisdom of his mother and father

His mother, Kathy Pratt, spent much of her career working in a supermarket, while his father, Chris Pratt Sr., was a builder. Chris Pratt hailed from a modest family. Kathy was careful to ensure that her children never lacked affection. Pratt did not have the best connection with his father, Dan Pratt, but now that he is an adult, he is able to reflect on the valuable life lessons that were instilled in him by his father.

When Pratt was 23 years old, he made his first significant purchase as a “well-paid” actor by purchasing a home for his mother. The fact that he had been homeless in the past before he became an actor, as well as the struggles that his family had gone through in the past, made the gift very significant.

Pratt was born in Minnesota in 1979 but spent his childhood in Washington State. He dropped out of community college to work as a coupon salesperson in a pyramid scam. When his sales chances dried up, he relocated to Maui to pursue his ambition of becoming an entertainer. Pratt wrote about this point in his life in a blog post:

“I had to work really hard and go hungry.” I had to eat sardines while also trying to figure out how to earn gas money. “And I never had a backup plan.”

Pratt was almost destitute; he camped out with a friend at the beach. He was far from home, away from the love and safety of his family. Survival was his primary worry, but his enormous goal kept him going. He was confident that he would succeed one day.

That time in Pratt’s life was difficult, yet he remembers it warmly. He maintained a pleasant disposition while working as a waiter at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co., where he wasn’t afraid to interact with customers, sing birthday songs, or play trivia games.

Pratt attacked the part with his trademark zeal and boldness. And it was profitable.

One day, he piqued the interest of actress and director Rae Dawn Chong, who cast him in “Cursed Part 3.” After breaking into the industry, he received parts in television programs such as Bright Abbott in “Everwood” and Ché in the hit adolescent drama “The OC.” He has had minor appearances in films such as “Moneyball” and “Jeniffer’s Body,” to mention a few.


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Chris Pratt was on his way, and he was eager to seize any chance. Pratt approached his audition for the character of Andy Dwyer on “Parks and Recreation” with his trademark zeal and fearlessness, and it paid off. When asked about Pratt’s audition, co-creator Mike Shur said:

“Oh, we have to rethink this because this man is the most amusing person we’ve ever seen.” “We’re not going to let him go.”

Pratt persuaded the show’s creators to turn his guest appearance into a regular part, establishing himself as a humorous performer and fan favorite. When industry officials noticed his burgeoning star, Hollywood came calling.

Pratt had a watershed moment in 2014. He was cast in two main roles: Emmet Brickowski in “The Lego Movie” and Peter Quill/Star-Lord in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Since then, he has established himself as a leading man, starring in huge blockbusters and demonstrating his versatility in roles ranging from comedy to drama, thrillers, and sci-fi.

The “Parks and Recreation” star also attributes his acting ability to his mother.

“Jurassic World,” the fourth edition of the “Jurassic Park” movie, has become its highest-grossing release. Another career-defining milestone was co-starring in the remake of “The Magnificent Seven” with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke.


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Pratt, then 23 years old, used the earnings from his first high-paying role to buy his mother a house. This was a culmination of his difficult childhood circumstances. He moved from living in a camper to buying a house for his mother. Pratt remarked on Instagram on his mother’s sacrifices:

“There was never a time in our lives when we didn’t know whether we were loved.” Ever. You instilled confidence in us. You provided us with grit. You kept us on track. “You trimmed our hair and cooked us supper.”

Pratt’s social media posts show that his mother, Kathy, is an important part of his life. He likes how kind and accepting she is of others and how happy she is about life.

The “Parks and Recreation” star also attributes his acting ability to his mother. Growing up, the kids could always depend on mom to turn a monotonous duty into a show.


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However, the “Jurassic World” actor had a complicated connection with his father, Dan. Pratt recalls his contractor father as a strong worker and problem solver who was “old school.” When Dan was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when his son was in his thirties, his confidence suffered.

Dan could overcome every task thrown at him, but his intellect and abilities, as well as his physique, were no match for the degenerative ailment. He gave up, causing his relationship with Pratt’s mother to fall apart. Unfortunately, he died in 2014.


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When it came to his father, Pratt admired how Dan demonstrated his pride in his son in his own unique way. Pratt believed he could speak with his father through his profession since his father would watch everything he did on TV.

Chris Pratt now has three children: Jack (10) with his first wife, Anna Faris, and Lyla (2) and Eloise (7 months) with his second wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger.

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