Chubby Checker is in a committed relationship with his wife of 58 years, yet he shares parental responsibilities for a well-known daughter with another woman…

Ernest Evans was given the name Chubby Checker on October 3, 1941, when he was born in Spring Gully, South Carolina. He is a rock and roll singer and dancer who is most known for popularizing a number of different dance techniques, one of which is known as “The Twist.”

The song reached number one on Billboard’s list of the most popular songs to have been included in the Hot 100 chart since the chart’s inception in 1960.

The fact that Evans married a woman of a different race, Catharina Lodders, in 1964 kept him in the public eye for another reason. Evans was 22 years old while Lodders, a supermodel from the Netherlands, was just 21.

Before interracial marriage was made legal throughout the whole of the United States in 1967, the singer and Lodders had to overcome a number of obstacles in order to make a career in America.

But despite everything, they have managed to stay together and are the proud parents of three great children: Bianca Johanna Evans, Ilka Evans, and Shan Egan, a musician. Evans is also the father of a daughter to a different lady.

In addition to his flourishing career in music, Evans has also had tremendous success in his personal life.

In particular, he has been blessed with a happy marriage to Lodders, a Dutch model who is best known for holding the titles of Miss Holland and Miss World in 1962.

It would seem that Evans fell in love with Lodders the very first time he laid eyes on her.

According to an interview he gave, he first met his wife “in the Philippines in 1964, “when I saw a girl wearing a swimming suit with spots on it, I immediately said to myself, “I’m going to marry that lady.”

In 2022, Evans and Lodders celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary, and their 60th anniversary isn’t too far away at all.

Evans has not only shown his life to his wife, but he has also demonstrated to his children that he is an excellent parent.

Mistie Bass is one of the youngsters in question. Evans never tied the knot with Mistie’s mother, Pam Bass, but he has made it a priority to have a powerful and meaningful bond with his daughter throughout their lives.

Evans said how pleased he is with Mistie’s accomplishments in basketball. “It’s been great, an experience I’ve never had,” he remarked.

“She is a wonderful individual, an angel, and she has made all of the appropriate choices in her life. I’ve never seen a bunch of females work so hard to prevail in a competition before.”

Mistie spoke on the ways in which she and Evans have always gotten along and the ways in which they have both made the effort to ensure the success of their relationship as father and daughter.

She remarked, “I’ve always had a connection with my father, and my mother’s done a tremendous job of making sure I understood there was always love there. While time has passed, it has only served to make it more powerful.”

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