Cindy Crawford turns 57 and leaves fans speechless with a no-makeup selfie

Cindy Crawford’s name will forever be associated with beauty and elegance.

The legendary American supermodel turned 57 a few days ago, but it’s a no-makeup video she shared on Instagram with everyone talking.

Predictably, there were many comments on Crawford’s almost ageless beauty, but a few eagle-eyed fans also noticed a few other items of interest…

In the 1980s and 1990s, she was a well-known supermodel who was often on magazine covers and in large-scale fashion campaigns. Simply put, Cindy Crawford was the epitome of beauty for those alive during her heyday.

Thus, when she was picked as the cover model for Vogue’s August 1986 issue, their choice not to airbrush the beauty mark above her lip altered the game in a variety of ways. If nothing more, it made a statement about the ludicrous and outmoded assumption that the imperfections and markings that distinguish us must be concealed if we are to be considered conventionally attractive.

Cindy is still very pretty. If you look at her Instagram profile, you’ll remember how stunning she was in real life.

Cindy turned 57 recently, but it appears that Father Time has some catching up to do if he is to catch up to the model and actress.

Despite the fact that the great majority of Crawford’s social media content displays her as we’re used to seeing her (immaculately dressed and always camera-ready), a new selfie video published to her Instagram profile purports to show her in a different light.

Crawford appears in the video, labeled “Baby Hairs in the Sauna,” with no makeup on, and viewers were quick to pick up on a number of things.

“The most gorgeous woman of all time,” remarked one, while another added, “She’s a lovely elderly woman.”

Yet, there were other features of the video that caught my attention. One reader wondered where her signature beauty mark had gone, asking, “Where is your distinctive mole?”

“You look so different,” another said, adding, “OMG, I didn’t recognize you.”

The supermodel has previously stated that she does not want to be recognized as “ageless” by Haute Living.

“It puts too much stress on me,” she explained. “I’m aware of all the ways I’ve aged. My face has shrunk significantly, and my mouth is no longer as large. It’s not fair to tell me I’m ageless.”

“I’m not 25, so why should I attempt to look 25?” she said. Why do I want to be mistaken for a 25-year-old? I have a family. “I’ve had a lot of life experience.”

It is something we believe we can all agree on. We are not sure why society continues to put pressure on women to appear youthful even as they age, but we’re grateful for people like Crawford who aren’t afraid to tackle it.

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