Cole Hauser got his acting skills from his father, Wings Hauser, who never forgot how hard it was for him as a homeless single parent

Cole Hauser, star of “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “Yellowstone,” hails from a family of artists. He is the third generation of performers in his family, having inherited the acting gene from his father and grandfather.

Cole’s grandfather, Dwight Hauser, exposed his son, Wings, to the performing world at a young age. He started his theatrical troupe south of Los Angeles and hired his 8-year-old son to work backstage.

Dwight was an actor, writer, and producer who worked with Golden Age icons like George Reeves, Dana Andrews, and Robert Preston. He was also affluent, but his son did not receive his inheritance.

Wings’ meteoric ascension was a tale of rags to riches. As a single dad caring for his little child, he came to Hollywood with only $30 and a box of Pampers.

He rose to fame and money through performing and scripting. However, his relationship with his actor son, Cole, has changed considerably.

Wings’ name became associated with the actors of his generation. Although he lacked the machism of Jean-Claude Van Damme or the beauty of Michael Pare, the actor understood how to produce a lighthearted, entertaining portrayal with evident intellect.

But he had to be disciplined and persistent to make a lot of sacrifices before he got movie roles, fame, and money.


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Wings was wealthy at first, but everything changed when his father was banned as a communist during the McCarthy era. His schoolmates ignored him, which bothered him.

Wings’ family relocated two years later, but he couldn’t connect with anything but his family and his imagination. Dwight’s kid grew up to be interested in acting and music. As a young guy, he was drawn to writing folk-rock tunes and playing an acoustic guitar.

Wings saw the hardships of life once more after his divorce from his first wife. They had a daughter, Bright, and were married for two years.

He moved to Los Angeles after his divorce in order to make a life. Wings also had custody of their daughter, despite a lack of funds.
Nonetheless, he was determined to be present for his child. So, along with his bag and $30, the single father arrived in Hollywood with a box of Pampers.

Both the father and daughter moved into an empty garage and formed friendships with other homeless individuals. Fortunately, Bright was babysat by Wings’ employer while he worked as a night watchman.

Wings experienced a failing marriage in 1973 while striving to make ends meet. However, he was back in a relationship the next year. He married Cass Sperling, a novelist, this time.

The couple married for three years and had a son, Cole, as a result of their relationship. Their son was barely two years old when they separated.

Cass concentrated on raising her child after the divorce and never remarried. This delivery provided a vital bond between the two, and Cole stays close to his mother to this day.


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Wings, on the other hand, attempted to settle down while pursuing his job. He married Nancy Lock shortly after his second marriage failed. This time, it lasted over a decade before collapsing.

The screenwriter said that his third marriage “knocked the crap out of him,” emotionally and financially exhausting him. Even though all of his other relationships had ended badly, he started dating activist and actress Linda Blair in 1993.

They met on the set of “Bedroom Eyes II.” Despite the fact that Blair fell in love with the actor right away, she stated that they did not have a relationship since he was still married—despite Wings’ claims to the contrary.

Before the world became aware of their romance, the couple had been dating for a year by phone and fax.

Wings initially meant to protect his heart from more anguish by being unmarried. But he grew emotionally attached to Blair while she cared for him through a brief illness.

Although Wings was not as well-known as Blair, he did get a few on-screen credits after leaving music to pursue acting.

The actor made a fortune by appearing in action movies and low-budget pictures. Nonetheless, he never forgot how it felt to be homeless with little or no money in his wallet.


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Cole, as previously said, spent his childhood years with his mother. He didn’t meet his father until he was around nine years old.

The “2 Fast 2 Furious” star stated that he was looking at a film’s cast members when the name “Wings Hauser” flashed over the screen. Cole immediately confronted his mother about the actor, and she revealed that it was his father.

The Hausers did not get together until Cole was a teenager. That was when he lived with the elder performer, who fostered in him a love of acting.


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Wings’ connection with his second child has improved since then. Cole also said that his father is proud of him.

The older Hauser, according to the “Yellowstone” actor, is encouraging and a major fan of his works, notably “Yellowstone,” which is about the Dutton family’s dominance of their ranch and boundary conflicts.

The 47-year-old actor is still in awe of his mother, who raised him for many years. He has repeatedly expressed his undying love for his mother, who is also close to his wife and children.

Her son is always eager to provide a helping hand to Sperling. Cole extended his house to his mother, who resided with them during the quarantine time. He has also previously assisted her with her organization, “The Dream Factory Project.”

Despite growing up without a father figure, the “Yellowstone” actor learned valuable lessons from his maternal grandfather. Sperling and the latter collaborated extensively to make him a successful man.

Wings’ ex-wife continuously celebrates her son, as predicted. She occasionally serenades the young actor with compliments, extolling his work onscreen while demonstrating her affection for him.

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