Country singer Brad Paisley and actress Kimberly Paisley have a funny but beautiful love story

Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly Paisley led separate lifestyles: Brad was a rising country singer from Nashville who knew nothing about Hollywood life, and Kimberly was an actress from New York who likewise knew little about country music and singers.

Surprisingly, their occupations brought them together and provided them with a fantastic love story. Brad first saw Kimberly in the movie “Father of the Bride.”

When the world saw the emerging actress Kimberly in the film, the country singer believed she seemed like a lovely person to chat with on his first date with his then-girlfriend.

Brad was 23 years old, unmarried, and sad when the sequel to “Father of the Bride” was released since his ex-girlfriend had left him for his closest friend.

So Brad went to see “Father of the Bride 2,” and Kimberly captured him once again. “I thought, She seems like a fantastic personanclever and humorous, and all the qualities that are so hard to find,” the singer remarked.


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Five years later, Brad had become a country music phenomenon, even being voted the Academy of Country Music’s top vocalist of the year, but he was still unmarried.

The musician had recently released Part 2, which had several songs about his ex-girlfriend, including one about going to see “Father of the Bride.”

So, when Brad began brainstorming music video possibilities for the song “I’m going to miss her,” he instantly thought of Kimberly, the movie’s lead character.

Brad didn’t waste time; he called Kimberly and requested that she be a part of his project. That one phone conversation led to them talking practically every day.

When Brad stated that he was going to Los Angeles, Kimberly immediately invited him to dinner; she remarked, “He was the epitome of a Southern gentleman.” “I was becoming antsy.”

Brad vowed himself on that first date that he would not lose Kimberly by pretending to be someone he’s not, so the singer focused on impressing the actress with his genuine humor.


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Brad proposed to his longtime sweetheart on the pier of Venice Beach, California, directly in front of the public restrooms, after a few months of dating. They laughed it off and married nine months later.

Kimberley interprets Brad’s description of “love at first sight” as stalking. The actress joked that her romance with Brad might have ended in divorce or prison, but she opted to marry him.

Brad and Kimberly received their first son, William Huckleberry Paisley, in February 2007, just a few years after their marriage, and their second son, Jasper, in 2009.

Brad and Kimberly’s marriage has only grown stronger over time. Even during the difficult period of COVID, both artists spent a significant amount of time at home.

Brad stated that the quarantine period with his family demonstrated how much he enjoys spending time with his wife, which he does not do frequently due to his frequent travel.

Above all, each year they have spent together has confirmed why they are together. Brad conveyed his gratitude to his wife, saying:

“You keep our house running; witnessing you give birth to two children and raise a third is incredible.”

Brady also admires how she constantly strives to do what is best for their family, and most significantly, he admires the fact that she gave birth to their two sons and is willing to raise a third; Brad playfully added himself to the list.

What has kept Kimberly loyal to Brad is his “gigantic heart.” According to the actress, her husband cares about everyone and everything.

She also told of a day when it stormed so hard that their Nashville home was flooded outside, but Brad rushed out at 2:00 a.m. to check on the geese’ eggs in their garden.

Unfortunately, the eggs did not survive, but Kimberly was moved by Brad’s willingness to go to such lengths to care for someone or something.

The Paisley family values comedy, as seen by their amusing engagement. Brad even claimed that Kimberly only gave him a second chance because he made her laugh.

The country singer’s wife chose him for a variety of reasons, one of which was his old-school style of doing things. “When you’re old-fashioned like me, you realize marriage is forever,” Brad added.

Brad and Kimberly are always working on their marriage and rekindling the flame. They recently celebrated 19 years of marriage and have learned a lot from one another.

Brad and Kimberly are kind people, and they launched The Store in Nashville right before the epidemic.

The Shop is a free referral grocery store that offers health and legal advice to anyone in need of food. They also provide free music therapy to anyone experiencing the stress of food insecurity.

The goal of the store was to prevent handouts and allow individuals to choose food for their families with dignity.

Kimberly also highlighted how vital it was for their children to comprehend the world’s hunger problems and to teach them that everyone is equal and deserves decent meals. The actress stated,

“Bringing the kids in and having them see it, letting them normalize and sort of erase the margins, so there’s no difference between you and me, was revolutionary for us.” “We’re all kind of a part of this community.”

The store has assisted many families in Nashville, and Kimberly and Brad credit the community for making it possible.

Since its inception, The Store has had over 350 volunteers and has distributed over 1.3 million pounds of free food to the community.

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