Couple should give away the baby after birth as they learn child is not their, “What we went through should never, ever be anything that anybody else has to go through…”

Sean and Carolyn Savage’s wish was to have a large family, and they put forth a lot of effort to make that dream come true. Carolyn used to joke that she and her husband only had four or five children, despite their husband’s desire for nine children.

The couple from Ohio had a number of plans to grow their family, one of which included storing their embryos at an IVF facility for future use. They were completely unaware that the choice they made would lead to the kind of anguish that would last a lifetime.

When Sean and Carolyn were married in 2009, they already had three children.

The woman, who was already a mother of three, made the decision that it was time to try again, but this time she would undergo IVF. They had already preserved their embryos by freezing them, so all that was left for them to do was go through with the implantation procedure and wait for the results.

10 days after the embryo was implanted, Carolyn and Sean were given the wonderful news that they had been hoping to hear for the last ten days. After that point, the plot took a sudden turn to the left, and the doting mother would end up having a fourth kid.

The couple’s physician reached out to Sean to break the news that Carolyn had the wrong embryo implanted in her womb. The Savages’ house was shaken to its foundations as the word spread and they saw their long-awaited desire evaporate before their eyes.

Carolyn explained:  “What we went through should never, ever be anything that anybody else has to go through.”

Shannon and Paul Morell, who are both from Michigan, are the embryo’s biological parents. According to the story, the two spouses had their embryos preserved at the same facility, and the reason for the difference in outcomes was that Shannon’s last name was Savage when she was born.

The woman made the decision to carry the pregnancy to term because she was certain that she would hand up custody of the child to the Morells once she gave birth.

Carolyn carried the pregnancy to term and gave birth to a baby boy who was later given the name Logan; nevertheless, she was not permitted to spend any time with her new son. Because Carolyn was the one who had delivered Logan, she felt a special connection to him.

She recalled that she did not want him to go, but she also understood that doing so would have been inappropriate. Carolyn was overcome with emotion yet managed to keep her faith throughout the ordeal.

After then, Carolyn did not have any more direct physical interaction with the infant. Both she and Sean spoke about how sad they were that they had not been invited to Logan’s first birthday celebration.

They were aware, on the other hand, that they could not change the course of events in any way.

However, the couple made the decision to have a surrogacy. In 2011, they once again made news when they revealed that they had become parents to twin daughters via the process of surrogacy.

Carolyn was far into her forties by the time she gave birth to her twin daughters.

Moreover, one day in 2014, she noticed a change in the way her body felt.

After taking a pregnancy test, Carolyn noticed that the picture was different from the typical one-line reading that indicates “not pregnant.”

Carolyn was left speechless and need a few minutes to gather her thoughts after the events that had just taken place and months later, she gave birth to a baby boy

The story of Carolyn and Sean Savage proves that each individual comes across miracles at needed times.

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