Customers Purchase Cakes from an Eighty-Year-Old Grandfather Who Sells Them on the Streets, While They Believe That His True Identity Is That of a…

On one side of the road, there is this elderly man in his eighties who sells items every day and when he sees people walking by, he would go forward to offer his wares for sale, which causes many people to feel overwhelmed.

However, when internet users did some investigating into his identity, they found that things were not as they believed they were…

According to the accounts that have been found, this elderly guy has been selling cakes in the region for more than 10 years, earning him the nickname of “cake master” from the residents.

One individual serving costs $2.35 USD, while purchasing a whole bag costs $139.40 USD.

In the past, whenever he would sell his cakes to people walking by while standing by the side of the road or at the entrance of a business, he would also sell bread, sandwiches, and other food items.

Even if a vehicle had stopped and was waiting for the traffic signal, he would instantly come up to the window of the automobile, raise his right hand, and give the person inside the car a piece of the cake that he was selling while asking, “Would you want to purchase some?”

In his situation, even though the locals were used to what the man was doing, some people still believed the old man’s attitude was too excessive, and sometimes his actions were quite dangerous, which caused everyone to feel troubled.

This was the case in spite of the fact that the locals had become accustomed to what the man was doing, but as it is within the law, even if people contact the police, all they can do is advise him.

People also felt sad for the elderly guy since it was said that he often wore a T-shirt that was yellowish-white in color and had a large hole in the shoulder area of the garment.

On the other hand, several witnesses said that the elderly man’s true identity was really that of a wealthy individual who had a large property that was available for lease. The fact that he didn’t feel like being at home was the primary motivation for him to leave the house and start selling cakes.

This assertion, however, was swiftly disproved by the elderly man’s daughter, who indicated that they did not have a lot of money and that her father had donated the family home to one of his sons, and that he now resides with the other of his sons.

Once, his daughter tried to dissuade her father from going out to sell cakes, but he was adamant, and so she gave in, reasoning that her father probably needed the exercise.

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