Danny DeVito’s children recently opened up about their childhood and the kind of dad the “Twins” actor was

Danny DeVito, star of “The War of the Roses,” celebrates his 78th birthday on November 17. The actor was born in 1944 and grew up in Ashley Park, New Jersey, with his parents and two sisters.

Despite spending much of his life in the spotlight, DeVito worked hard to establish a private existence for his family. His son Jake and daughter Lucy recently talked up their upbringing and their father, the “Twins” star.

Ake revealed that as children, they adored traveling to movie sets and traveling to unusual locations with their father. What he admires most about his father is how he and his wife kept their home security for their children. He stated:

“They were excellent at just keeping our home sturdy and safe.”

DeVito is a family guy who has raised three lovely children in addition to a prolific acting career spanning four decades. But who exactly are they?

DeVito and his ex-wife Rhea Perlman are the happy parents of three adult children. Jake Daniel, their only son and youngest child was born in October 1987. He works in the entertainment sector, like his father, but prefers to work behind the scenes.

He has produced many films, including the forthcoming “St. Sebastian” and the 2014 “The Better Angels.” Together with his father and sister, he also worked on the animated series “Little Demon.”

Grace was born in March 1985, the middle child of DeVito and Rhea. She likes a more quiet existence than her other family members. She does, however, work in entertainment as a producer, most known for “My Girlfriend’s Abroad.”

She has also appeared in several films and television shows, including “Amboy” and an episode of “Jeff and Some Aliens.” She makes red-carpet appearances with her family on occasion.

Lucy, the oldest DeVito kid, is also an actor. Lucy, who was born in March 1983, has also made a name for herself in the performing field. Her television appearances include “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “The Comedian,” and “Leaves of Grass,” as well as voicing a character in “Little Demon.”

When did he divorce his wife, whom he married in 1982?

DeVito married the “Poms” actress in 1982 and had all of their children within a decade. Unfortunately, after 35 years of marriage, they announced their divorce in 2017.

Despite their divorce after decades of marriage, the pair stays close. The “Cheers” actress revealed that they opted to be friends and could not understand why others found it difficult to continue friendships after divorce.

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