Decades ago this woman helped two young girls make their way to her country and now those girls…

A pair of young ladies that were escaping the former Yugoslavia around the time of the country’s collapse were given hope by a charitable American passenger on board an airline aircraft 23 years ago when the passenger gave each of them a financial gift of $100.

After a period of twenty years, they decided it was time to track out the mysterious lady again, but all they had was her first name, Tracy.

Now, thanks to some amateur investigation and the viral nature of their online post, their yearning has been transformed into a reunion, which has left both ladies in tears. Ayda Zugay had just turned 12 years old in 1999 when she and her sister Vanja Contino were forced to flee their home in order to escape.

Upon seeing their predicament, a tennis instructor from the United States gave them an envelope when they were flying with Northwest Airlines.

A set of gold earrings, one hundred dollars, and a note that said, “I am very sorry that the destruction of your nation has caused you and your family hardships.” were all included in the package. “I pray that you have a wonderful and trouble-free time throughout your time in the United States. A companion from the flight named Tracy ”

That was the conclusion of the tale for many years. Ayda and Vanja are both doing well for themselves in the United States, and they both presently make their homes in either Boston or Connecticut.

Finally, after 23 years of looking, Zugay had found what he was looking for.

It was set for a Zoom conversation with her and her sister, and suddenly on their computer screens emerged the same joyful smile from 23 years ago, although with a few more tears.

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