Dench and her grandson have become TikTok stars because he has forced her to dance on social media. The actress said the videos saved her life

Dame Judi Dench, a long-time Hollywood fixture, has marked several life milestones. She has also endured several difficulties. She has stayed upbeat throughout.

She is celebrating her 88th birthday today. To honor the occasion, her daughter sent a touching homage to the actress on social media. To round up the post, there was an unexpected guest and a nice joke.

Dench’s daughter, Finty Williams, shared a photo of her mother with a lemur on her shoulder and a bowl of food in her hands. According to the post:

“Today is the birthday of this beauty (Ma, not the lemur.) Happy birthday, my lovely Mama.”

Even though turning 88 is a reason to celebrate, Dench has said that she has macular degeneration, which makes her eyesight so bad that she can’t read or write.

She has, however, said that she has no intention of slowing down and has not even considered retiring. She stated that she would just learn new methods to do things in order to advance her profession.
The actress says she copes by appreciating the little things she can do and always attempting new things. She believes in pushing herself and strives to do so frequently.

Dench was married to her late husband, Michael Williams, for 30 years, from 1971 until 2001. They enjoyed a lovely courtship and marriage. They had a daughter and were the picture-perfect family until Williams died.

Dench is still struggling to cope with her husband’s death, despite the fact that he has been gone for nearly 20 years. She stated that she was bad at talking about his death or how he died, yet she still cried about it.

She revealed that her spouse died of lung cancer in 2001, at the age of 65. She discussed her loss, saying:

“Smoking, you see, all that smoking when we were young.”

Finty Williams, Dench and Williams’ daughter, was born. She is currently 48 years old and has her own acting career. Her film credits include “Gosford Park,” “Run for Your Wife,” and “The Importance of Being Earnest.”

While Dench is still grieving the loss of her husband, she has found solace in spending time with her family. In particular, her grandson has helped her get over her loneliness and force her to enjoy life.

Dench and her grandson have even become TikTok celebrities as a result of him forcing her to dance on social media. She spoke about her experience with the platform:

“Well, it saved my life; I know nothing about TikTok; Sam is the guy who is technically oriented and has all the ideas; he forced me to do it, and I had to rehearse all of his routines.”

The actress said that the films saved her life by giving her something to look forward to throughout the lockdown. Before they started shooting the films, she claimed she felt like every day was a new adventure.

The grandmother and grandson duo have graduated from TikTok videos to YouTube vlogs. Dench is frequently spotted on her grandson’s social media. He is the only child of Judi Dench.

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