Despite a string of unfortunate events in his life, Keanu Reeves continues to be a pillar of strength as he secretly…

Keanu Reeves is a living legend, regardless of the fact that he is arguably one of the actors with the lowest profile in Hollywood.

In addition to being well-known for his roles in films such as “Bill and Ted,” “Johnny Utah,” and “The Matrix,” Reeves is also well-known for being a humble and kind guy who has the heart of an angel.

Since he was a child, Reeves has carried an excessive amount of responsibility; yet, this has likely shaped him into the person he is now. When he was just three years old, his father was taken into custody and eventually abandoned the family.

Since that time, Reeves has lived with a number of different step parents and attended a number of different high schools, both of which he characterized as tough due to the fact that he was diagnosed with dyslexia.

After being expelled out of one school, Reeves continued his education at a another institution. He was such a good athlete that the ice hockey club chose him to be the goaltender.

After suffering an injury, he was forced to consider alternative employment options and had to give up his dream of playing ice hockey for Canada. That ultimately led him to the career he has now, which is acting.

Jennifer Syme, his long-term girlfriend gave birth to a stillborn daughter eight months into her pregnancy.

This was not the end of his string of unfortunate events in his life. After a few weeks, Syme was involved in an automobile accident that took her life at the age of 29.

After his younger sister Kim was diagnosed with leukemia in the 1990s, Reeves eventually took on the role of main caregiver for his sister. During the course of Kim’s fight against the disease, Reeves made large contributions to a number of cancer organizations.

In addition, he established a foundation in Kim’s honor but did not include his name on it.

The charitable work of the actor’s private foundation includes contributions to cancer research as well as contributions to children’s hospitals and pediatric departments.

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