Despite her fame and fortune, Jennifer Garner continues to do random acts of kindness that demonstrate the value of generosity…

Recently, Jennifer Garner has made a purchase at Starbucks that covered the tab for the people waiting behind her in line. She places an order for a mint tea and gives the barista an unknown amount of money as a tip in a video that she shares on her Instagram feed.

She then inquires whether or not she is allowed to offer the barista an additional one hundred dollars to pay for the beverages of the people that come after her.

She responds, “This is only to pay for whomever is behind me.” Just tell them to have a wonderful day and pass it on”.

Because she is so involved in charitable work, Jennifer Garner’s wealth cannot be measured in monetary terms alone.

Shortly after that act of kindness, it was reported that Jennifer Garner was seen blessing those in need by distributing bags containing essential necessities to them.

“Put these necessities in a Ziploc bag large enough to hold a quart and keep it in your car so that you can give it away as a random act of kindness whenever you come across someone who is struggling financially,” on Instagram, Jennifer Garner shared her thoughts and feelings

What a beautiful way to express compassion for those who are without a home in your community!

Acts of kindness like those performed by Jennifer Garner might serve as a useful reminder to search for opportunities to bless others in one’s immediate environment..

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