Despite her past failed marriages, “Love Story” star Ali MacGraw has no regrets about her decision to leave the spotlight and start anew in this peaceful haven

Ali MacGraw will be regarded as a superb actor because she was stunning, intellectual, and stylish. However, it is not only her on-screen talents that have left an indelible mark on the entertainment business; her love relationships have also caused ripples.

Throughout her remarkable career, the talented actress married three times. Her first marriage was to Robin Hoen, and she later married the renowned producer Robert Evans. Finally, she married “The Getaway” co-star Steve McQueen.

In college, MacGraw met Hoen. She attended Wellesley College and worked as an assistant for a fashion magazine run by well-known fashion editor Diana Vreeland. Hoen attended Harvard University.

They married in 1961 but divorced the next year. After a brief stint in the fashion world, MacGraw received her big break in the 1970 film “Love Story,” which catapulted her to stardom.

MacGraw rose to prominence as an actor and fashion trendsetter, with Calvin Klein seeing a “rich hippie” trend. Her distinct style put her on par with historical fashion icons like actress Katharine Hepburn and socialite and former U.S. first lady Jackie Onassis.

A few years later, MacGraw met Evans, a well-known producer and former Paramount Pictures production chief. He dabbled in performing before making a name for himself as a producer.

Evans produced the critically acclaimed films “The Godfather” and “Chinatown.” He married MacGraw in 1969 and had a son named Josh in 1971.

Evans cast MacGraw in a variety of roles, taking care not to cast her in projects that might restrict her career. She co-starred in the 1972 picture “The Getaway” with Steve McQueen, who was dubbed “The King of Cool.”

McQueen was one of the most recognized actors of the 1960s, and he was nominated for an Academy Award in 1966 for his role in “The Sand Pebbles.”

McQueen and MacGraw established a love connection during filming, and the following year, MacGraw divorced Evans and married McQueen. Evans was remarried seven times before her death in 2019.

When MacGraw married McQueen, he had her give up her acting profession because McQueen desired to live a “regular life” after a traumatic upbringing. According to MacGraw:

“He was the biggest movie star in the world at the time, and he didn’t want me to work, so I effectively stopped producing movies and took care of my child [Josh].”

Marc Eliot, a biographer, says that McQueen’s adultery and drug use, which made him known as the industry’s “bad boy,” had a big effect on his marriage to MacGraw.

McQueen, according to Eliot, was renowned for being aloof and rigid, frequently physically beating MacGraw and insisting that she serve him to supper at 6 p.m. He’d eat by himself in front of the television.

In the end, the actress and McQueen called it quits in 1977. Despite their turbulent marriage, MacGraw had kind words for McQueen.

In a 2018 interview with People, MacGraw described her connection with McQueen as “chemically hot and forceful.”

She went on to claim that McQueen had a fascinating charisma that caught everyone in the room’s attention and that his magnetic aura did not spare her.

MacGraw noted that her third spouse drew her in not simply because of his good looks but also because he emanated danger and a bad-boy mentality.

Looking back, MacGraw wishes she and her partner had grown up without substance misuse, describing “beautiful days and awful days.”

She stated that she does not consider herself a victim and that their relationship had its ups and downs. This was the same pattern of a tumultuous marriage that she experienced with Hoen and Evans.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey on “Super Soul Sunday,” MacGraw revealed that her numerous failed marriages were the result of her own personal troubles. She disclosed:

“Its audacity simply blows my mind.” My conceit.”

MacGraw stated that her comments should not be interpreted as unkind. Her lovers, she felt, should be able to grasp her wants without her having to express them vocally. She gave specific examples of what went wrong in her three marriages:

“Why can’t you read my thoughts about what I want and don’t want?” she said.

“That doesn’t seem right,” or “This doesn’t seem right,” or “I really want to ask you if you could do this for me.”

Winfrey told MacGraw that it could be bad for a relationship if someone can’t say what they want and expect in a clear way and thinks their partner will just know.

MacGraw seems to be aware of her errors. She expressed remorse for not asking for greater financial help from her ex-husbands because she was not receptive to what she desired.

She added that when opting to retire at the pinnacle of one’s profession, it makes sense to focus on constructing a solid home for oneself. However, she had previously given little attention to this concept.

According to MacGraw, she never took divorce settlement money because she didn’t think it was appropriate. This decision, however, nearly bankrupted her. She confessed:

“I had a romantic, ‘Aren’t I a wonderful girl?’ perspective on divorce, but it was ridiculous.”

MacGraw recalled McQueen forcing her to sign a prenuptial agreement that said she would lose money if they divorced. As a result, following their divorce, she went insolvent.

She abandoned bright Hollywood and a promising career for the bliss of motherhood and a tranquil existence away from Los Angeles after three failed marriages that ended for the same reason.

MacGraw departed Hollywood due to financial troubles from previous marriages. She chose to start over in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she would live a simple, straightforward life.

She moved to Santa Fe in 1994 after her Malibu house was damaged by a fire in 1993. She resided in a nice, small house where she liked reading and rock collecting.

Spending time alone was pleasant for MacGraw, and she did not consider herself the stereotypical woman who would bend to her partner’s every want.

She remembered how McQueen pushed her to give up her profession and live a typical, domestic life at home. Her ex-decision, on the other hand, left her deeply disappointed.

MacGraw expressed her opinion, saying it would be improper for a wife to leave and a husband to go on with his life, such as kissing someone else for three months and then returning home, expecting everything to be the same. She stated:

“Who wants to think about those things?” I don’t. I like my life, and sitting around thinking about it is tedious. And I’m quite happy with that.”

McQueen remarried after a difficult five-year marriage that ended in divorce, but he died in 1980. He was fifty years old. MacGraw was left feeling bereft and unable to find peace and consolation after his passing.

In her autobiography, “Moving Pictures,” she admitted to engaging in harmful behaviors such as drinking and falling into terrible relationships. To solve these issues, MacGraw sought aid and attended a rehabilitation clinic.

She checked into the Betty Ford Center in 1968, which was a watershed point in her life. She claimed that the program assisted her in discovering a higher power and the calm and order she had long sought.

MacGraw has oozed positivity, refusing to linger on mistakes made in the past. She added that she used to feel that her genuine self was buried under a veneer of charm, politeness, and compliance, but she has worked hard to remove that character and is reaping the results.

MacGraw has reached the age of 83. The actress has been a single mother and grandma for 44 years. She is no longer an actress and has no ambitions to return to the spotlight.

The veteran actress also revealed that she has not been making a stable living in recent years but believes she has grown “far more renowned” than wealthy.

She was able to adjust to a simpler lifestyle without making big compromises, which is something that many of her acquaintances in similar situations struggle with.

She also addressed the overpowering nature of celebrity, stating that, while it may appear glamorous, it can be “exhausting” due to the continual attention and pandemonium of show business. She went on to say:

“Being a movie star comes with so much chaos that it’s easy to become befuddled.” “It’s scary unless you’ve spent your entire life longing to be the focus of attention.”

Despite the fact that she does not have much money to offer, MacGraw enjoys using her voice to promote topics she cares about, such as animal welfare and the environment.

She formerly worked with Animal Asia, a conservation organization in Vietnam whose causes focused on bear preservation in the nation. She even traveled to the country to assist them in keeping the sanctuary open rather than closing it down.

MacGraw has kept herself active because she lives in a tiny town where many organizations want assistance. She claims that Santa Fe is an animal-friendly community, and she volunteers and supports the Animal Protection New Mexico organization.

She is happy to be a member of her little town’s “world-class organization,” which has guaranteed that domestic and wild animals are always secure, protected, and cared for.

She said that she had to stop bringing stray animals home with her. MacGraw has also formed significant bonds with the ladies in the neighborhood. They didn’t seem to mind their age or looks, which struck her considerably.

She is perfectly content with a tranquil existence away from performing in a little town in New Mexico. Her daily schedule consists of getting up at 5:30 a.m., feeding her animals, going on walks, gardening, painting, and volunteering.

She has taken yoga or Pilates courses in order to stay fit. She also walks every day as a sort of meditation and has a 45-minute session of appreciative self-reflection.

MacGraw stated in one of her thoughts that she felt something was missing, but she has accepted her current circumstances since she is surrounded by lovely people with whom she shares affection.

She considers herself really blessed to have them in her life. In addition to mediating, she keeps in touch with a small circle of close friends and goes on dates on a regular basis.

MacGraw treasures spending time with her only son, Josh, a successful novelist, screenwriter, and director. Her son, she said, is a lovely man. The adoring mother went on to say:

“He’s my favorite person on earth, and he’s dating a girl I adore.” “Their bond is built on friendship and respect, among other things.”

Josh has given birth to a boy called Jackson. MacGraw is a happy mother and grandmother who has discovered that being a parent is one of the “hardest of professions,” but also one of the most rewarding.

Overall, MacGraw is satisfied with her basic, peaceful, and un-hip life in Santa Fe. She has finally let go of her past and is living in the present, cherishing her time with her close friends and family.

Despite financial difficulties and failed romances, she has found a way to live a meaningful life and positively affect her community. MacGraw is an inspiration to many people because she demonstrates that real pleasure can be found in the most unexpected locations.

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