Despite the divorce, Antonio Banderas continues to refer to his ex-stepdaughter Dakota Johnson as his “daughter…”

Antonio Banderas is a Spanish actor, director, producer, and singer who first appeared on the scene in the 1980s and has since established a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

After becoming married in the late 1980s to Ana Leza, the Spanish actor finally got a divorce from her in 1996.

During filming of the movie “Two Much,” which took place around the same period, he went on to marry his co-star Melanie Griffith. The moment Banderas became Dakota’s stepfather, he brought about a sea shift in her life that was unquestionably for the better.

During the difficult moments, he was there to support her. More significantly, the two have shown that being connected to one another is not a prerequisite for being a member of the same family. The couple separated in 2015, claiming “irreconcilable disagreements” as the basis for their split, although they assured everyone that it was done “in a loving and pleasant way.”

On many times, Dakota referred to Banderas as his “bonus dad,” which was a nickname for the actor. Even when Banderas finished the divorce he had been going through with Griffith, the closeness that the two had as father and daughter remained unbroken.

Dakota was the one to hand Antonio Banderas the Best Actor trophy at the 2019 Hollywood Film Awards, which he won for his performance in “Pain and Glory.”

“I was really fortunate to be born into a family with a long history of marriages. I didn’t want to have a dad, but when I did, I received a bonus dad who, as time went on, I learned is really one of the most significant persons in my whole life.

My mother got married when I was six years old to a guy who introduced our family to a very brilliant light, a whole new universe of inventiveness and culture, and a remarkable, enchanted younger sister.”

Dakota was overjoyed to be in the position to bestow this honor onto his stepfather, and she used this opportunity to reflect on how the actor had instilled in her many important life lessons as well as acting techniques.

“Antonio instilled in me the importance of sincere enthusiasm in addition to discipline. He would spend hours, and even days, in his office attempting to get to the core of something he had grown interested in, or a job he was preparing for, and he would do this in an attempt to: “She was ecstatic.

Dakota was able to uncover the fact that she genuinely have skill in acting because of Banderas. Dakota made her acting debut in the 1999 film “Crazy in Alabama,” which was directed by Banderas and featured by Griffith.

Although she only had a few lines in the film, she was so determined to do it perfect that she even hired an acting instructor to run her lines with.

“Since she is my daughter, naturally I adore her. I’ve carried her on my shoulders while exploring every corner of the globe “Banderas warmly reflected on the time spent with her step-daughter, whom he regards as an extension of his own family despite the legalities of their relationship.

Despite the fact that he is no longer with the actress, Banderas places a high value on the connection he had with Griffith and the blended family that they created together.

“Even though Melanie and I aren’t married anymore, we are still very much a family.

Those years were filled with so much joy and beauty that I will never forget them. She is almost certainly the best friend that I have, if not the best friend that I have altogether. There are members of my family there, including Alexander, Dakota, and tiny Estella.”

Since Banderas’s divorce from Griffith, he has been in a happy relationship with his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel, demonstrating that love is not constrained by borders or expectations and can endure even the most trying of circumstances.

The pair just celebrated their eight-year anniversary in May 2022, and Banderas shared in an Instagram post that they are “enjoying every second of it.”

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