Despite the fact that Blake Shelton has no biological children, he is happy to stepdad his wife’s kids

Blake Shelton, a country singer, had three marriages but no biological children. Shelton, on the other hand, has become a stepfather to three children and adores his stepchildren.

Blake Shelton was previously married to Miranda Lambert, another country music superstar, before meeting his present wife. The two were originally linked after performing a duet at CMT’s 100 Greatest Duets event.

Both Hollywood stars, however, were connected with other individuals at the time. Shelton was married to Kaynette Williams, whom he married in 2003, and Lambert was engaged to Jeff Allan McManus.

According to Us Magazine, Shelton and Williams split up, and Lambert called off her engagement soon before she and the TV personality began dating in 2006.

The country stars went down the aisle in front of Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson, Josh Kelley, and Martina McBride at Don Strange Ranch in Texas.

Following their brief relationship, Lambert and Shelton announced their separation in 2015 and divorced the following day. They issued a joint statement in which they stated:

“This isn’t the future we imagined.”

Shelton openly declared his intention to have children one day in July 2011, noting that he liked watching his parents with their grandchildren.

“I’m looking forward to seeing my mom and dad with their grandkids and that connection down the line more than anything.”

However, a year later, his then-wife made a diametrically opposed declaration. Lambert stated in 2012 that she wants to prepare for motherhood “the correct way,” adding that having children at the moment would be problematic because she and her husband both had busy careers:

“I’m not required to have children and raise them on a plane or a bus.” “We’re both at our prime and having a great time right now, and I don’t believe one of us is thinking about altering anything.”

However, despite being labeled the “king and queen of country,” the Grammy Award winner and “The Voice” coach never had any children together until the end of their marriage.

Shelton opened up about reaching rock bottom after his divorce from Lambert in a Billboard cover story in 2016. During Season 7 of “The Voice,” he confided in his then-colleague, Gwen Stefani, whom he barely knew at the time.

He remembered her astonished expression when he told her he and the composer had broken up. Shelton stated that the former No Doubt lead singer cried when he learned the news.

“I’ll never forget that day.” I looked across at Gwen, whom I didn’t know, and she was crying uncontrollably. “I thought to myself, ‘Wow, she really feels horrible for me.'”

He had no idea. Stefani was also going through a divorce from her spouse of almost 10 years (20 years together and three children), Gavin Rossdale. She had not, however, announced it.

Later that day, she requested to talk with Shelton alone, and he expected her to say something cliché about dealing with the heartbreak of his divorce. Instead, it was the polar opposite.

Stefani did not “tell him much” about her love life, according to the Oklahoma native, but merely said that she was going through something similar and that she knew what he was going through and couldn’t tolerate it herself. Stefani told Howard Stern in July 2016 that she “turned white” when Shelton told her about his divorce.
Shelton revealed that this is how he and the fashion designer became friends and built a relationship. Following that, they spoke through email once a week, which was then increased to three times a week:

“The next thing I know, I’m awake, and she’s all I can think about.” Gwen literally saved my life. Who else on the planet could comprehend going through a public divorce with another musician? “You have no idea how similar our divorces are.”

Following their exchange, the couple suggested on social media that they were dating but never stated it. Four months later, a representative for Shelton confirmed the couple was dating.

During Season 7 of “The Voice,” the pair met in April 2014 while coaching competitors. Stefani captioned a photo of herself and Shelton on Instagram in November 2015, “Him,” with a heart emoji.

They had been sighted together over Halloween weekend that year when his agent confirmed their relationship in November 2015, after the couple had everyone else speculating about the state of their relationship.

The couple first appeared on the red carpet in February 2016 at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. According to a fellow guest, the couple was extremely friendly, connected at the hip, and grinned the whole evening.

Shelton and Stefani are set to marry in October 2020. The mother of three shared a snapshot of the couple kissing while she lifted her hand up to display her engagement ring. “Yes, please,” says the caption.

The “Nobody But You” singer shared the photo on social media, thanking Shelton and Stefani for their October 2020 engagement. The mother of three shared a snapshot of the couple kissing while she lifted her hand up to display her engagement ring. “Yes, please,” says the caption.

The “Nobody But You” artist shared the photo on social media, thanking his then-fiancee for “saving my 2020 and the rest of my life.” ” I adore you. “Yes!” I heard.

According to People, the happy couple will marry over the Fourth of July weekend in 2021 at Shelton’s Tishomingo property.

When Shelton married Stefani, he became the stepfather of her children and fell in love with them. With her ex-husband, Rossdale, she has three sons: Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo.

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