Despite the fact that his family is having financial difficulties, a loyal child of 11 years old returns the wallet, when he found out its owner…

There are many children that are nice, respectful, and well-behaved in today’s society, but it is so simple to reject the majority of youngsters as being rude and spoilt in today’s society. On the other hand, Vince Hietpas went one step farther with that.

Despite the fact that the boy’s family was going through a tough financial moment, the honest 11-year-old took the time to return the wallet to its rightful owner after discovering it on the street.

The day after Memorial Day, Vince and his father Lorenzo were taking a stroll around Voyager Park in Wisconsin when they came upon a wallet that had fallen to the ground. Both the father and the son looked through the contents of the wallet, hoping to find any identifying information.

They tracked down the location after discovering a driver’s license, with the intention of giving the wallet back to the person who had lost it.

When Chase Dahlke returned home after fishing at Voyager Park, that is when he discovered that he had forgotten to bring his wallet with him. Before Vince turned up at their house, he had reconciled himself to the idea that he would never see the wallet again. But then Vince came there!

When Vince walked up onto the Dahlke family’s porch, the Dahlkes were in fact at their next-door neighbor’s home.

The little child was holding up the wallet when Jason, Chase’s father, noticed him on the camera attached to the doorbell. This prompted Jason to instantly return to the house.

Even though Jason was pleased to offer Vince a reward for his honesty as well as his thoughtfulness and the effort he put in to return the precious item, he was only able to give Vince two dollars since it was the only cash that was left in his wallet.

The way in which Vince graciously and enthusiastically took the sum that Dahlkes offered him is illustrative of the kind of person he is, but he’s determined to pay back for the kid’s favor.

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