Diane Keaton is the proud mother of two beautiful grown-up children, whom she adopted after turning 50

Diane Keaton, an Academy Award winner, is the mother of two children she adopted when she was in her forties.

Keaton adopted Dexter, now 25, when he was one year old in 1996, and five years later she received her son Duke, now 20.

The actress is 77 years old today and has lived a rich life. She once stated that motherhood had completely transformed her and that she was glad for the experience, despite how humbling it was.

Her children adore her as much as she adores them. Her daughter has frequently expressed her admiration for her mother and her mother’s work ethic, and she aspires to be like her one day.

Keaton has stated that she hopes to become a grandma one day now that she has children. She stated that even though her daughter and son-in-law had not discussed having children, she knew she would adore the kid if it arrived.

Keaton avoided the customary costly trappings of celebrity in favor of a calm, “regular,” and meaningful life with her children.

Keaton was famed for her relationships with some of Hollywood’s most sought-after men, including Warren Beatty, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, and Sam Shepard—and some of the weirdest, as seen by her connection with eccentric actor and director Woody Allen.

Despite having the world at her feet, Keaton never married or had children. Then, in 1996, Hollywood’s most free-spirited lady chose to have a child.

Keaton would later reveal that the death of her father, John Hall, from brain cancer in 1990 influenced her choice to adopt at the age of 50. On his deathbed, Hall told his daughter about his deepest regrets. This made her think about what she might regret in life.

Keaton realized that not having children was something she would regret, so she adopted her first child, Dexter, who was one year old at the time, in 1996. Keaton chose to expand her family when Dexter was six years old.


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In 2001, the actress adopted 1-year-old Duke as Dexter’s younger brother. Later, Keaton would say:

“Motherhood absolutely altered my life.” “With children, I believe that you must constantly be your best self.”

In her 2011 book “Then Again,” the lady claimed that she never discovered genuine love with any of the men she was associated with.

“I spent far too much time thinking about whether or not a man liked me. For me, raising a child was the most humanizing of all loves.”It is without condition.”

Keaton raised her children as a single mom. She turned down the usual perks of being famous in favor of a quiet, “normal,” and happy life with her kids.


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Keaton has no regrets, except for one: she gave her children all she had, but they never had a father. She stated:

“As a mom, I do everything I can, but I believe that in the best-case scenario, you need a guy.”


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But, to be honest, Keaton seemed to have done an excellent job on her own. Her two children are low-key and down-to-earth and don’t appear to have the typical hang-ups of other celebrities.

Dexter went to the University of Arizona. From her Instagram photos, it looks like she has known her partner, Daniel Wagner, for a long time and that they both like to travel.

Young Duke is as low-key as his sister, with little knowledge about his life other than the fact that he is an avid tennis player. His Instagram photos appear to imply that he is attending college and sharing an apartment with a friend who enjoys cooking.

Duke has posted a few funny videos of himself and a friend cooking up a storm (and burning toast) as they learn to cook without their mother’s help.

Keaton is now 75 years old and looks great. For the past 30 years, the constantly vivacious and bright actress has had at least one movie a year and shows no signs of slowing down. She stated:

“Slowing down is not something I can identify with.” The objective is to keep going in good and difficult times. “The fact that I’m still alive is the finest part.”

Keaton’s most recent film, “Love, Weddings, and Other Disasters,” will be released in 2020 and stars Jeremy Irons as her love interest.

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