Does Tom Cruise See His Daughter Suri Cruise? Reportedly, the two had not spoken with one another in a number of years for this particular reason…

There have been rumors circulating that Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri Cruise have been feuding since his divorce from Suri’s mother Katie Holmes in 2012. In the brief time that followed, Tom and Suri remained in contact with one another; nonetheless, it is believed that their relationship became more distant.

On April 19, 2006, Suri Cruise had her first breath, six months before her parents, stars Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, tied the knot.

Her father gushed over the birth of his daughter during an interview, claiming that it was all he and Katie had hoped it would be. Tom said that the event was ingrained in his memory and that he kept “reliving” it; he described the encounter as being “spiritual” and “powerful.”

Tom had even purchased an ultrasound machine for usage up to the time when Suri was born, despite the fact that many medical professionals cautioned against the purchase. During the first several years of Suri’s existence, he had every intention of being an active participant in her life; however, this changed once he lost custody of Suri to Katie.

In the present day, the 16-year-old girl lives in New York City with her mother. It is evident that Suri has absorbed the actress’s sense of style since she is often seen roaming about the city with her, and the duo are frequently photographed together.

When Suri was six years old, her mother filed for divorce from her husband and the child’s father.

Despite the fact that Katie had already converted to Scientology before they divorced, several news organizations reported that Katie was attempting to shield Suri from the influence of the religion in spite of the fact that she had joined the church in the past.

Many people felt that the fact that Suri did not join Scientology was the primary reason why Tom remained away from her life. However, some who are close to the action actor claim that he never wanted his family to become estranged from one another.

He was only granted visitation rights, which limited the amount of time he could spend with his daughter to a maximum of ten days per month. According to some sources, Katie was only able to gain full custody of her daughter after agreeing to be contractually bound from speaking ill of the Scientology church.

According to reports, Tom continued to communicate with Suri via video calls and text messages, but he never went to see her in person; the last time he saw her, she was seven years old. One of his justifications for his absence, according to a person with knowledge of the situation, was that he had a busy film schedule.

However, Suri began to give less credence to such reasons, which had a negative impact on the two of them and their relationship. At this moment, it is unclear whether or not they are still in communication with one another.

Despite the fact that her relationship with her father is tense, Suri’s connection to Katie, who has now found a new love interest, is rock-solid and full of affection. The single mother of one is known to wax lyrical about her daughter on her social media platforms, particularly on special occasions like Mother’s Day and her daughter’s birthday.

The actress from “Batman Begins” was quite open about the decision she made on how she would bring up her daughter Suri.

She said that she wanted Suri to grow up to be powerful, self-assured, and aware of her own strengths and originality. She noted that Suri had previously shown such qualities as a person who was dedicated, talented, and worked very hard.

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