Dog who went missing after being scared by fireworks returned home and rang the doorbell to be allowed back in

A dog who went missing after being startled by fireworks returned home and rang the doorbell to be allowed back in.

Rajah had left her family home seven hours before, terrifying her owner, Mary Whitacre. Rajah was playing with her other dog in the backyard when her neighbor started shooting off fireworks, according to the woman from Greenville, South Carolina, USA. She went to check on Rajah, knowing she was afraid. “I got outside – and she was gone.”

Seven long hours of stress ensued as Mary and her husband Ryan went in search of Rajah. They distributed a message on social media and enlisted the assistance of friends. When the doorbell rang at 3 a.m., it was early.

Rajah was seen sticking her nose at the doorbell security camera.

“Ryan was awake, waiting for her to appear. “He noticed her on the porch and raced off to get her,” Mary explained.

Rajah seemed to be in trouble when they went back inside because Mary said she was “sad and pouting.”Perhaps it was because she was coated in thorns and “appears to have rolled in dung.” “So it appears she had a good time,” Mary laughed. But Mary and Ryan were overjoyed to see her again, even if they were not sure how she knew about the doorbell.

“I don’t even know how she knew how to do it,” Mary said, “since I’ve never shown her how.”

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