Dolly Parton stands as Miley Cyrus’s godmother, and the two of them execute a stunning performance of “Wrecking Ball…”

People turned on their televisions to see Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton perform on New Year’s Eve in 2023.

And ringing in the new year with such a legendary duo was an absolutely fantastic experience all around!

The fact that Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton are connected can come as a surprise to some people.

Miley considers Dolly her godmother, and the two of them have a very close relationship, in addition to that, musically speaking, the two of them go together very well!

Dolly Parton joined Miley Cyrus on stage at the New Year’s Eve celebration that was broadcast on NBC.

Together, they sang a version of the song “Wrecking Ball,” which was at the top of the charts at the time.

During their performance on New Year’s Eve, Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton were visibly having a good time.

During the course of the song, which lasted perhaps about three minutes, one would sometimes grin and look across at the other. On the other hand, it wasn’t the only song that Dolly and Miley sang together.

Dolly started shouting out the words of “I Will Always Love You” around the 2:52-minute mark in the tape, which was immediately after the finish of “Wrecking Ball.”

At the conclusion of the second song, the crowd demonstrated their gratitude for Dolly and Miley’s efforts by going absolutely crazy and clapping and cheering throughout the performance.

Even though it was just uploaded a few days ago, the video clip of Dolly and Miley singing at NBC’s New Year’s Eve event has already garnered close to 3 million views.

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