Doorbell Camera Captures A Warm and Heartfelt Message From a UPS Driver to a New Mother And It’s Very Touching…

The heartfelt letter that UPS delivery man Dallen Harrell left for a new mother was captured on tape by a doorbell camera. And the gentleman’s encouraging words reached Jessica Kitchel at the very moment when she needed them the most.

During the course of his route in Georgia, Dallen Harrell was delivering a box to a residence. Earlier, he had seen a sign that said “It’s A Boy!” posted in front of the home, and he decided to record a brief but sincere message for the family to hear when they checked the doorbell camera.

“I am hoping that everything is going well with your new baby,” he remarked. “I had a kid about the same time you did, and I am hoping that everything is going well for you and your partner. God bless, and best wishes for the holidays.”

That heartfelt letter of support and encouragement for new mother Jessica Kitchel was just what she needed at that time.

After giving birth to her son Chancy via a cesarean section, Jessica was experiencing some postpartum depression while she was healing from the surgery.

However, Dallen’s message for the new mother was able to cheer her up and make her feel better! Dallen said, “I simply wanted to genuinely check that she was okay.”

Because Jessica was so intent on uncovering Dallen’s identity, she ultimately decided to publish his letter on social media.  The two sets of parents finally got to confer in person a few days later.

Jessica said, “So we finally get to physically meet Dallen, and I have the chance to personally thank him for what his words and support meant to me, which was just everything.”

And Jessica’s family had another surprise in store for him in the form of a care box for his new baby boy, in addition to that, she shared on her social media platforms his baby registry. And as a result of the heartfelt note that Dallen had written for a new mother becoming viral, random people have been showering the generous UPS guy with gifts for his kid.

Jessica stated, “Dallen’s letter served as a good reminder to me that being nice is completely without cost. It brings up a lot of feelings for me. just being a parent to a boy myself and having ideas on how he should be brought up.”

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