Drill dance team girls’ dance will blow your mind

Don’t confuse them with cheerleaders. Although it is a football game and they are dressed brightly, these ladies are members of the drill dance team. There is a distinction. especially in Texas.
Count your blessings. That’s 35 women in white hats and boots. That doesn’t include the men in the back.

It’s almost halftime! It’s showtime!
Someone must ensure that the school and its supporters remain active. Go ahead and buy food and other necessities; the drill dance team will keep the energy up. In most cases, it is even raised!
Take a look at how they make their entrance! The ladies march with military precision to the beat of a drum. If the goal was to get all those eyes on the field, they succeeded admirably.

That’s a lot of men and women on the field!
The school colors are out, the girls have gathered, and the band is ready to go. They form their lines and gather in front. As the drums stop, the girls kneel with their heads bowed. A whistle can be heard in the back. That’s their signal.
Fantastic energy!
The signal is sent to the band. Is the music familiar to you? Pay close attention.
Raise your arms! And the ladies all stand together. They are all beaming as they begin to work for the crowd. They take turns spinning, each line of girls moving in time to the beat of “Funky Town.”

They shake their hips with their arms together before launching into a series of kicks and leg extensions. That requires a great deal of flexibility and balance.
There’s even a full kick, followed by lowering the raised leg half a step into a folded knee and dropping to the ground. The challenge now is to coordinate all of those kicks to the beat of the music. Can you do it?
You’re looking at a dazzling display of leg control.
It’s common for drill dance teams to have a theme for each performance. Kick, prop, military, and pom are all options. Drill dance teams were traditionally all female, but men have begun to join. They have their applications!

Tryouts are typically held in the spring or summer. Many people find it difficult to pass the basic tryouts. That doesn’t even take into account peer pressure. It’s not just about the ability to dance. Students who want to join the team must demonstrate that they can execute the team’s movements as well as move in unison with them.
No need to worry.
The ability to learn new routines quickly is another challenge. Those children require good memory and motor skills. All of this while auditioning for team members and trainers.

However, it appears that students enjoy the drill teams. Every year, over 30,000 students from Texas participate. The white hat and white boots are also traditional, but they must be paired with the colors of the school.
These girls split into two groups while strutting their stuff to the catchy drum beat. They do more high kicks in a row, never making a mistake. It takes a lot of practice and hours to master. When the performance is over, they take a step back and bow. Listen to the applause!

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